Johannesburg to advertise positions that were irregularly converted to permanent posts – SABC News

It says that despite giving unions and legal representatives of the affected employees an extension to make representations regarding the return of the contracts in their original form, no such representation has come forward.

Employees may report for work until the end of April this year.

Acting Johannesburg City Manager, Mesuli Mlandu says they issued messages to the affected staff last week Monday. They had until Wednesday of that week to do performances.

He says union SAMWU and the legal representatives of the employees have been granted a further extension until Wednesday this afternoon. So far, however, they have not received any representation from the parties representing the workers.

“So, the effect, therefore, of the Council’s resolution not being withdrawn, which is not being reviewed in court, is that it then reversed the irregularity of the conversion and returned the FTC contracts to their original form, and we had to recognize them as such and start executing exit requirements.And sooner or later you will see ads for those positions as fixed term contracts.So the infrastructure of the political party that won the election, can be installed effectively. “

He says the positions are attached to the term of office of the elected politician to which they were attached.

“I will keep those contracts until April 30. These employees who are on these FTCs are within their right to apply and there is nothing that says they will be excluded from the recruitment process.

Johannesburg MMC for Group Corporate and Shared Services, says Leah Knott that this process is about “correcting a mistake” that was committed. She says an illegal decision was taken by the previous mayoral committee under the ANC-led administration in the city of Johannesburg.

She says that even the COGTA scheme, which will come into force in June this year, will confirm that staff serving in political offices will be employed on a fixed-term basis and linked to the term to which they belong. are attached. She says the decision to undertake this process was not driven by the looming local government legislation.

“The COGTA scheme is not the only reason behind this withdrawal. It is a consideration or factor, especially since the second conversion that took place in October, happened on the same date that the city received a directive or memo from SALGA, that this is the legislation that will be promulgated in September, it will come into force in June 2022. Remember the following: Fixed Term contract for police station 30-day exit clause.On the same day they signed the second conversation. ”

Both the trade union SAMWU and the civic group SANCO are protesting against the council decision and have promised to take to the streets to protest against it.

City of Johannesburg explains the future of more than 100 employees:

Johannesburg to advertise positions that were irregularly converted to permanent posts – SABC News

Source link Johannesburg to advertise positions that were irregularly converted to permanent posts – SABC News

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