Johnny Depp slander trial against Amber Heard enters its fourth week

Depp sues HerdHis ex-wife, for $ 50 million, because of a 2018 article he wrote for The Washington Post in which he described himself as a “public figure representing domestic violence.” Although Depp was not named in the article, he argues that it cost him lucrative acting roles.

Both Heard and Depp, who met in 2009 and were married in 2015-2016, have been accused of physical violence during their second relationship. Both rejected the other’s claim.

The trial, which began on April 11, is expected to last six weeks. The hearing has not yet been shown.

Before returning to court on Monday, here are some of the things that happened last week at the trial.

Depp says he is a victim of domestic violence

Depp finished the fourth and final day of his testimony at the trial on Monday. Jessica Meyer Depp’s lawyer played a 2016 recording of a conversation between the former couple, in which Herd expressed concern over the restoration of his reputation, according to press reports about the violence in their relationship.

“What did you say in response when Mrs. Herd said, ‘Tell the world, Johnny.’ Tell them, Johnny Depp, I, Johnny Depp, man, I’m a victim of domestic violence, too? “Meyers asked Depp.

“I said, ‘Yes, I’m” ” Depp replied.

Courtroom sketches

Throughout the week, the former star of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” was seen in a doodle during a break.

Depp was seen painting with pink and purple markers at one point. The next moment he drew a sketch on a Post-it note and shared it with his lawyer.

“Strange” display

ᲝThursday, Alejandro RomeroWho worked as a doorman in the former building of Depp and Herd, gave a recorded testimony from inside his car in which it was seen that at one point he was evaporating and driving.

Herd’s lawyer called him “weird.”

Judge Penny Azkarat called the moment “the first.”

“I just have to say I have never seen it before. I have seen many things but I have never seen it,” Judge Azkarate said.

Depp’s former agent

In a recording for the court, Depp’s former agent, Christian Carino, testified that he believes allegations of domestic violence leveled against Depp by Herd have cost the actor in future Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Johnny Depp in the 2003 film: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl."

“In my opinion, Amber’s allegations will have the most dramatic impact on her reputation off screen. I’m not talking about any specific allegations,” Carino said.

Carino started representing Depp in October 2016 and at one point represented both Depp and Herd at the same time.

Herd’s lawyer pressed Carino over other issues Depp may have had while working on previous “Pirates” films.

“I know he was late, but he was late in everything for the rest of his life,” Carino said. “I think it’s annoying for everyone, but everyone has learned how to make a film to deal with it.”


Terrace Doherty, ACLU Adviser General, testified in a recording released Thursday of an article on ACLU’s close involvement with Herd, which is at the heart of Depp’s case.

Doherty said ACLU staff wrote an article for Heard’s initial project focusing on raising awareness about gender-based violence. Herd is the ambassador of the organization.

Amber Heard, returned to the courtroom on 26 April

Dohert said he recalled numerous emails with ACLU staff and Herd’s lawyers.

“They offered to edit an article on issues covered by the NDA (non-disclosure agreement with Herd and Depp on divorce),” Doherty said.

ACLU staff worked on the posting in consultation with Herd’s team, Duerty said, and that Herd wanted the work to be released as soon as Aquaman was released, a strategy the ACLU agreed to.

“From ACLU’s perspective, Amber will receive an incredible amount of press coverage and will be in the public eye, so what better time than now to publish this post so that she has a significant readership of our issues,” Duherty said.

Doherty also testified about donations received by Herd or on his behalf after he publicly promised to donate the entire $ 7 million divorce from Depp to charities, including the ACLU.

Dowert said Herd had agreed to pay the ACLU $ 3.5 million over several years. Herd himself paid $ 350,000, Depp paid $ 100,000 on his behalf, $ 350,000 paid from a donor from the Fidelity Fund on behalf of Herd, and that his ex-boyfriend, Elon Musk, paid $ 500,000 from the donor avant-garde fund.

By this time, Doherty had confirmed that they had received $ 1.3 million from Herd or on his behalf. Payments have been suspended since 2019.

Doherty said he has no indication that Herd is not going to pay the remaining donation.

Johnny Depp slander trial against Amber Heard enters its fourth week

Source link Johnny Depp slander trial against Amber Heard enters its fourth week

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