JP Smith latest DA member embroiled in qualification scandal

Cape Town-DA Cape Town City Caucus Deputy Leader, Mayco Member for Safety and Security, DA Cape Metro Regional Vice-Chair and DA Western Cape Vice-Chair JP Smith are the latest DA members involved in the qualification scandal.

Weekend Argus says that Smith’s biography sent to the organizers of the Music Exchange conference by his personal assistant, who was a guest speaker in 2019, says he earned an honors degree in English at Stellenbosch University. Can be revealed exclusively.

Weekend Argus can also exclusively reveal that this is not true because he did not fulfill his honor. Also in 2018, Smith was part of 56 speakers at the 13-day Safe Western Cape Conference discussing ways to combat crime in the state. Security portfolio. According to his profile on the list, Smith holds an honors degree in English from Stellenbosch University.

Smith stopped studying as soon as he became active in politics.

Smith was invited as a guest speaker in an email sent by Smith’s PA to the Music Exchange event organizer. According to the biography, Smith earned an honorary degree in English from Stellenbosch University.Photo: Included

He chose to publish the full media statement instead of replying to the weekend Argus after the weekend Argus revealed the information.

In a statement, he said: “My previous and current resumes always accurately reflect my qualifications. My highest higher education qualification is a BA degree from Stellenbosch University in 1993. My CV Has been confirmed to be accurate by the DA candidate process.

This resume, submitted in early 2020, accurately reflects my higher education qualifications, with a bachelor’s degree listed as the highest degree earned. My CV is always accurately reflected on the Cape Town website. The CV also explicitly reflects honor in English as incomplete. I intended to go back to get this honors degree, but the workload of the last few years has made it impossible. “

Biography of JP Smith submitted to Music Exchange.Photo: Included

Martin Mayers, the organizer of the Music Exchange Conference, has revealed that he has received JP’s biography from his personal assistant and has attached it for weekend Argus to see.

“We always asked for a biography and used the one sent by his personal assistant.”

Smith was unaware that he owned the email that Weekend Argus sent on his behalf and attacked Weekend Argus, with no press code in the newspaper and known for “continuous false alarms.” He said he was.

“At some point, when editing my biography, I made a typo by omitting the term” incomplete “in connection with the incomplete honor of my English graduate qualification. This error must have been around for some years before it was fixed in a subsequent edit update. “

He added that he was not involved in the regular updates and editing of the BIOS and was unaware of this unfortunate error until he was warned by Weekend Argus.

“But it’s clear that we didn’t intend to deceive or profit from anyone on this issue, and the correct information is prominently published because of our honors degree. I have never been invited to attend an event or represent the city of Cape Town. It is irrelevant and unnecessary for immediate work.

“If the media chooses to devise a story to provide an anti-DA story rather than reporting on a real-life situation that really needs public attention, it’s simply incomprehensible.”

The DA has recently been involved in many qualification scandals, and the party has decided to verify the qualifications of its members.

Xanthea Limberg, a Mayco member for water and waste in Cape Town, is currently under investigation by the DA’s federal council for misrepresenting her qualifications. Former DA Western Cape leader Bonginkosi Madikizera resigned from the state cabinet after it was revealed that he had misrepresented his qualifications.

Weekend Argus

JP Smith latest DA member embroiled in qualification scandal Source link JP Smith latest DA member embroiled in qualification scandal

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