Judge dismisses Trump lawsuit calling for Twitter ban to be lifted

Friday’s Judge Former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit dismissed Trying to lift his ban on Twitter. However, San Francisco District Court Judge James Donato has left the door open for Trump and other plaintiffs to submit a revised complaint to Twitter that is consistent with his written decision to withdraw the complaint entirely on Friday. CNBC reports: social media giant January 8, 2021 Trump Ban, two days ago, supporters of the then-president mentioned the risk of instigating further violence following the Capitol riots. Trump, the American Conservative Union, and five individuals sued Twitter and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey last year on behalf of him and other Twitter users who booted from the app. […] His lawsuit alleges that Twitter violated the First Amendment rights of the plaintiffs to freedom of expression, arguing that the ban was because Democrats put pressure on the company.

But in his 17-page ruling, Donato wrote that Trump and other plaintiffs were “not starting from a strong stand” against the First Amendment claims. Citing federal case law, the judge noted that “Twitter is a private company, and the First Amendment applies only to government speech abbreviations, not to abbreviations claimed by private companies.” Donato is responsible for government action that will be the only way to support claims that President Trump and others violate the First Amendment of the Twitter ban. ‘Account,’ wrote Donato.

The lawsuit also required the judge to hold the Federal Communications Decency Act unconstitutional. The CDA states that online service providers such as Twitter cannot be held responsible for content posted by others. Donato dismissed the claim after learning that plaintiff had no legal standing to challenge the CDA. The judge said the only way they could take that position was to prove that Twitter “wouldn’t have removed the plaintiffs or other people’s platform”, but rather the legal immunity the CDA had granted them with respect to the content. […] Shortly after Twitter announced that it had agreed to this Acquired by Elon MuskTrump told Fox News that he “don’t go back to twitter,” added: “I’m not going to Twitter, I’ll stay with the truth. I hope Elon will improve and buy Twitter because he’s a good guy, but I’ll stay true to the truth.”

Judge dismisses Trump lawsuit calling for Twitter ban to be lifted

Source link Judge dismisses Trump lawsuit calling for Twitter ban to be lifted

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