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Judge Maya will be appointed Chancellor of the University of Mpumalanga

The President of the Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa (SCA), Judge Mandisa Maya, will be officially installed as Chancellor of the University of Mpumalanga (UMP) on Tuesday.

This follows Maya’s appointment by the UMP Council in July.

Maya is the university’s second chancellor and succeeds President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“Judge Mandisa Maya is the first woman in South Africa to hold the post of President of the SCA and is a candidate for the post of Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa,” the statement said.

According to the UMP, her contribution to democratic institutions and the country’s jurisprudence dates back to 1994 when she was a case investigator for the South African Election Commission (IEC) in South Africa’s first democratic elections.

She then practiced as a lawyer until she was appointed judge in 1999.

“The Chancellor acts as a role model and reflects the values ​​of the university to its stakeholders and is a focal point for ensuring the high standard of the university in the wider community. The chancellor is the titular head of the university without executive power and confers degrees and awards diplomas, certificates and other distinctions on behalf of the university, ”explained the UMP.

The university said this historic event coincides with the institution’s remarkable achievements since its inception in 2013 and enrolled its first 169 students the following year.

Over the years, the higher education institution has grown from three undergraduate programs in 2014 to 32 undergraduate and postgraduate programs in 2021 with 5,392 enrolled.

This year, the university said it has received accreditation from the Council on Higher Education (CHE) to offer its first three doctorates, also known as Doctor of Philosophy, LLB (LLB) and 13 other new ones. programs.

In 2022, the UMP will offer 49 graduate certificate programs to the doctorate.

“This positive development is in line with the strategic objectives of the university to conceptualize, develop and launch new qualifications which will both be autonomous and will support articulation within the UMP and between institutions, as indicated in the strategic plan . ” –

Judge Maya will be appointed Chancellor of the University of Mpumalanga

SourceJudge Maya will be appointed Chancellor of the University of Mpumalanga

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