Kenya: 162 test centers closed after policy change

Despite 112,000 candidates enrolling in national exams this year compared to 2020, about 162 schools with less than 40 candidates were closed as exam centers.

Despite the increasing number of candidates, the Kenya National Examination Council (Knec) has reduced the number of Kenya Secondary Education Certificate (KCSE) and Kenya Primary Education Certificate (KCPE) exam centers.

In the case of KCPE, that number has dropped from 28,467 centers last year to 28,329 centers and from 10,437 KCSE centers to 10,413 centers.

This was after Knec issued a notice in May instructing schools with less than 40 candidates to enroll candidates in nearby schools.

The reduction of the exam center affected 24 middle schools and 138 elementary schools.

Private schools were the most affected, promoting a reduction in the number of candidates to the usual 15 candidates, which Knec has set as a minimum per school.

Compared to last year, an additional 78,424 students have enrolled in the Kenya Secondary Education Certificate (KCSE) exam this year.

Secondary education

At the same time, an additional 34,085 people have enrolled in the Kenya Primary Education Certificate (KCPE) exam this year.

Yesterday, David Njeng’ere, CEO of the Kenya National Examination Council (Knec), said the increase in KCSE candidates indicates that more students have completed secondary education. rice field.

“Sure, it will be more expensive to carry out the exam. Obviously, the 100% transition policy is paying off, so I can’t complain, but more children have completed secondary education. Celebrate what we can do, “said Dr. Njeng’ere.

He revealed that out of 1,938,667 candidates who passed the 2020 exam, a total of 2,056,719 candidates enrolled in the two exams.

In secondary school, a total of 831,026 candidates (407,606 women and 423,420 men) are enrolled in the 2021 KCSE exam. A total of 1,225,693 candidates (609,294 women and 616,399 men) are registered with KCPE.

An additional 5,314 individual candidates are enrolled in the exam.

According to data from the 2021 Economic Survey, a total of 1,191,727 people were enrolled in the 2020 KCPE exam, but only 1,088,989 took the exam. In the case of KCSE, a total of 752,933 people were enrolled, and 2,695 girls and 3,077 boys were unable to participate in the exam.