Khuli Chana – “Funeral cover is necessary”

ხული ჭანა On his Instagram account, he talks thoughtfully about the funeral cover.

The rapper said the topic may be difficult to talk about with family and friends, but it should be considered before death strikes.

According to Khuli, it is necessary for a person to ensure that his family is taken care of even after passing.

“I cried so much, I lost so many peers. Sooner or later, we need these awkward conversations. “It will be with us, our partner, friends and family,” the musician wrote.

“And with a daily reminder of how short and unpredictable life is, life and a funeral cover are essential.”

“Not only for my loved ones, but also for myself. “It’s my responsibility as a man to make sure my family takes care of me even after I die.”

Khuli Chana – “Funeral cover is necessary”

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