Kidnapping mastermind Faizal Charloos’ brother arrested in Lenasia

Law enforcement officers arrested the brother of the kidnapping master Faizal Charloos in Lenasia on Sunday, in connection with the number of kidnappers disrupting the suburb and other areas in southern Johannesburg.

Authorities also bounced on suspect Irfaan Adamjee (known as “Muffins”).

A source close to the investigation told the scene The Citizen Muffins was deemed dangerous after threatening a Lenasia resident last week.

The source said the ghling operation was to capture muffins.

“Within minutes members of the JMPD, SAPS flight squad and community patrols spotted the vehicle and continued high-speed chase through an extension of 2. Residents in the area confirmed that the police had arrested the brother of the alleged master Faizel Charloos and he was in charge. the special vehicle. unit to several addresses. Unfortunately, ‘Muffins’ escaped from the police and the search continues. ”

Authorities at the scene did not immediately respond to questions, however, police are believed to have recovered some firearms and cash.

The source also said that Lenasia residents showed the ‘decay’ attached to the Lenasia Community Policing Forum (CPF) after several arrests that had alleged links to Charloos and kidnapping as kidnapping money.

“Residents at the scene expressed concern about viral messages saying it was good to see local members and patrols of the CPF helping to fight crime in the area. A SAPS member at the scene commented that the day’s catch was a success [with] the backup from local members. ”

According to the source, police are expected to make further arrests on Sunday evenings and during the week.

On Thursday, at least seven suspects were arrested for intimidation, extortion and impersonation of police officers in Lenasia.

The suspects were arrested in two separate sting operations on Wednesday and Thursday.

The suspects are also believed to be linked to the number of kidnappers plaguing areas in southern Johannesburg, including Lenasia.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Robert Netshiunda said The Citizen three of the suspects are already present in court.

Compiled by Faizel Patel

Kidnapping mastermind Faizal Charloos’ brother arrested in Lenasia Source link Kidnapping mastermind Faizal Charloos’ brother arrested in Lenasia

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