Kieran Trippier: How Newcastle’s First January Signature Became Leader

At the end of Kieran Trippier’s disappointing Newcastle United debut, he showed signs of what the club could bring to the club as it embarked on a new era.

The magpie had just been knocked out of the FA Cup at home by League One Cambridge United, the bottom of the difficult season, and was left in the Premier League relegation zone with one win.

Most players didn’t admit a full-time, close-to-capacity crowd, but it was Trippier-and he encouraged others to join him. He was mostly ignored, but the 31-year-old was already trying to set an example and lead.

Trippier, arriving as the first signature since the approval of a Saudi-backed acquisition in the new era of Newcastle United, has high hopes for his shoulders. After all, the club is now known as one of the wealthiest clubs in the world.

But according to his ex-coach and teammates, Fullback is needed to prove an influential person on Saturday when he’s preparing to make his Premier League debut for a new club. Has all the features-an important Saturday visit to demoted rival Watford.

“Kieran was tenacious and always wanted to win,” Trippier’s former Manchester City Academy director Jim Cassel told the BBC Sport. “It was common for children and parents to be in awe of you as a boss. It was important for me to grow beyond you in terms of leadership and responsibility for training and play.”

Cassel, who has known Trippier since the age of nine, adds, “When I go to Newcastle, 52,000 people are desperate to see him play well. What a responsibility it is.”

“You wouldn’t be surprised to see him soon become the captain of Newcastle.”

Trippier left Manchester City in 2012, when Newcastle boss Eddie Howe signed at Burnley after the loan, went to Tottenham Hotspur and Atletico Madrid, once captained England and moved to Tyneside for £ 12 million this month. I returned to my home country.

But his spirit was also evident as a student at Ramsbottom’s Woodhay High School in Barry, Manchester.

“People respected him when he was in school,” says Trippier’s former PE teacher, Lee Garkka. “He tried to get everyone involved and take part in lessons and matches. If things went wrong, he didn’t point or blame people. He said,” I need to fix this. There is, but we need to fix it together. ” .. You wouldn’t be surprised to see him soon become the captain of Newcastle.

“We played in the 10th year final against a rival school that beat us the previous year. He flocked everyone before the match. I wasn’t instigating it. I want to know what he said, we won 4-1 and recorded a hat-trick. “

Trippier won England’s free kick with Croatia in the 2018 World Cup semifinals

Become “Berry Beckham”

Trippier played a more aggressive role as a boy student and academy player. “It’s a bit like Wayne Rooney,” says Garka, but it was City that he moved to the rear right.

“I played in Derby County one Sunday morning. I put him in the back right because I didn’t have enough defenders. It was like wearing gloves,” Kassel recalls.

“He quickly played that role. He knew when to go and when to sit. He was an easy move and a good runner. But he played his first pass and You can cross the ball with a run, which gives this [David] Beckham comparison. It’s a great asset for his striker. “

Former Canadian centre-back David Edgar, who started his career in Newcastle, played with Trippier at Burnley. His ex-teammate feels a quiet inspiration.

“Tripps have very good ownership and he is a very smart player,” says Edgar. “He’s also a quiet leader. He doesn’t scream, but he shows how things are done and plays as a left centre-back, so he’s always relieved when he’s to my right. He was launching so many attacks.

“He knows Eddie who brought him from Manchester City. He fits his style very well because he is so good. He is the one who grew the game as he progressed. He is very diligent. And great Newcastle fans will love him for that. “

“He plays a wingback like an inside forward.”

In 2015, he moved from Burnley to Tottenham and impressed former manager David Pleat, who was advising Londoners. After the slow start, Trippier became the main force on the side that reached the Champions League final under Mauricio Pochettino four years later.

“Taking the boy was a combined decision,” says Pleats. “I went to see him play for Burnley in Watford, and he put two balls in sixpence [Jay] Rodriguez. He needs a very good team to keep the ball in the middle of the pitch, so he is confident when moving forward. “

Despite competing with Kyle Walker, Reece James and Trent Alexander-Arnold, Trippier is also a key member of Gareth Southgate’s England side.

“He smells like a chance to run. I think he’s the best option owned by England,” Pleats said. “If Newcastle can keep the ball, he will help.

“He is patient and very humble in Tottenham. He is neither a shouter nor a bowler, but his abilities have won the respect of his teammates.”

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Kieran Trippier: How Newcastle’s First January Signature Became Leader

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