Kiesha’s debut single tackles relationship issues in the digital age

Along Liam Carabo Joyce May 30, 2021

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Dating and relationships come with their ups and downs and pressure.

However, relationships in the 21st century are different from those in the 90s.

Relationships are more difficult than ever due to the focus on social media and digital life.

A local musician is tackling the difficulties of her music.

Kiesha may be new in the field, but she’s already spinning her head.

Introverted and artistic, her 17-year-old approach is bold. Her debut single “Airplane Mode” released this month is a pop ballad influenced by R & B. It’s hopeful, honest, platonic and romantic about relationships in the digital age.

“Airplane mode” is a commentary on her personal experience with relationships and their development in the 21st century.

“Who needs sound communication to put the world in” airplane mode “? Many teens, including myself, have a hard time distinguishing between platonic and romantic feelings online. Often teenagers are under pressure in their relationships, “she said.

Kiesha sings that she wants to isolate herself from the world and put her life into airplane mode. It feels like the best way to deal with the annoying emotions associated with facing a problem.

Openly identifying her experience as bisexual, Kiesha said she felt that most of her relationship with men was being forced.

“Since 2020, I have realized that I have a preference for dating.

“Even though I like girls and are attracted to men, relationships with them are always compulsory and unnatural.

“But my friends and family support relationships with men more than women, so I’m still under pressure to associate with men.

“In most cases, I wish I could turn off everyone and escape from a place where I don’t feel the pressure so that no one likes it,” she said.

Due to the pandemic, it took almost half a year to write the song. Despite the long process, Kiesha said he was completely happy with the final product and was excited and proud to bring it to market.

“It was worth it. When I woke up, I knew I could work on something with passion and motivated me during the blockade.

“The pandemic confused most of my daily life, but I was able to make music so I could feel productive during stressful times.

“I wrote a few songs in my spare time, but I didn’t realize that some of my personality was hidden, so it was different to write,” she added.

When asked why she decided to release “airplane mode” as her debut single, she said, “This is the best I’ve ever created.

“As an artist, I always create small pieces that I consider to be” gold. ” This particular piece represents me as an artist.

“In my opinion, no better song to release as a debut is because it represents the energy I want to contribute to the world as a person.”

Kiesha’s debut single tackles relationship issues in the digital age Source link Kiesha’s debut single tackles relationship issues in the digital age

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