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African National Congress (ANC) Vice-chairman of KwaZulu Natal and Mike Mabuyakul have decided to resign From his position in line with the party’s resolution on those facing serious criminal accusations.

Mabuyakhulu faces fraud and corruption charges related to the Jazz Music Festival while he was still an economic development MEC.

Mabuyakul became the first ANC leader in KwaZulu Natal and voluntarily left his position. In a letter sent to state leaders, Mabuyakur believes that a person is not guilty until otherwise proved by the court, but states that he will respect ANC’s decision.

He returned to his position within the party last year after being approved by the party’s state integrity committee. He was elected Vice-Chair in 2018, but refused to be placed in the Legislature because of the allegations he faces. He says he wanted a quick trial to reveal his name.

Meanwhile, Zandile Gumede, a former mayor of eThekwini, who is now a member of the state legislature, has yet to say whether she will resign.

The ANC NWC will meet on the party’s Step Aside resolution.

NEC meets this weekend

Saturday’s rally will be the first meeting in person between the ruling party’s highest decision-making bodies since the pandemic.

Party spokesman Pure Mabe said NEC will finally seal the fate of those affected at the end of next Monday’s meeting.

Meanwhile, the ANC Group, which calls itself the ANC Executive Summit, says it’s time for the party to cleanse itself from all factions and tackle the challenges it faces. NEC is being asked to disband and be replaced by the National Task Team.

Mabe says issues should be raised within the structure of the organization.

File Video: ANC NWC Processing List Submitted by Persons Involved or Prosecuted for Misconduct:

KwaZulu-Natal has a list of 13 ANC members, including former eThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede, who must face resignation or suspension in accordance with the party’s NEC resolution. The party’s National Working Committee says that those who set aside the resolution and refuse to do so should be provided with a letter of suspension.

KwaZulu Natal ANC Vice-Chair Mike Mabuyakuru aside-SABC News

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