KZN business leaders mourn devastating impending power outage, crime – SABC News

Business leaders in KwaZulu-Natal have expressed concern about the current power outage, saying it is causing investors great concern.

Eskom has announced that the level 2 load relief will be carried out until 5 o’clock on Monday morning.

The district government and more than a hundred industry executives met in Port Edward to plan ways to boost the district’s economy and create jobs.

More than a hundred business owners attended a two-day workshop of growth organizations to share ideas and address issues that concern them.

All these cases were submitted to Sihle Zikalala, the Prime Minister of KwaZulu-Natal. Issues related to Eskom’s power outages and crimes were at the top of the list.

These owners say that these issues have a negative impact on the district’s economic growth, which was badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest in July last year.

Businessman Vivian Reddy says the power outage is not conducive to investment.

“If we are going to attract more investment in this country and especially in this district, we have to make sure that it is very economical for business and the power is a big problem. This is not a great position but we have faith that it will be fixed but as a company we are going into renewable energy, we are trying to help the situation to ensure that we produce our own energy. My biggest problem with this energy level is if something goes wrong with Koeberg and then we are going to go up in [Stages] 6 and 7 and then there will be big problems. “

At the same time, Francois Oberholzer, South Africa’s director of forestry, said the power outage was hurting most companies.

“Many of our members have rebuilt sawmills that run sawmills, and with the current Russia-Ukraine dispute, oil prices have gone through the roof so that it affects their input costs into the generators and that is chewing their profitability. We have the largest wood paper producer in the world here, Sappi Saiccor, and they do not produce all their electricity, so they are also online, so they are naturally affected. “

Prime Minister Zikala has assured investors that the province is stable in the wake of civil unrest in July last year. This after investors expressed concern that a similar incident would recur. Zikalala says a security system is in place.

“We have gone to great lengths to stabilize the district but also to improve the security system, but more than that we are also working with the private sector to unite all security institutions and our own security policies and work towards a single integrated policy that protects the whole industry. areas and all companies. “

The chairman of the KZN Growth Alliance, Moses Tembe, says that South Africa needs to increase its economy by five to six percent in order for people to see a difference in their lives.

“Our main goal is economic growth. We have put all our efforts into identifying what we call incentive projects that are likely to move the center of the projects that are likely to have a better impact on the KZN economy. As KZN’s growth alliance, we have always believed that South Africa needs to grow its economy by five to six percent in order to make a significant impact on the planet.

Despite the current challenges, investors say they are determined to work hand in hand with the district government and reinvest in the district to boost its economy.

Eskom has been implementing power outages this week, starting at level 2 and then going to level 4 due to lack of capacity. The electricity supply has returned to step 2.

Eskom apologizes as it puts the country on a 4th degree power outage

KZN business leaders mourn devastating impending power outage, crime – SABC News

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