KZN government tries to prevent people from building houses near river banks – SABC News

The KwaZulu-Natal government is considering banning the construction of houses near river banks in the future.

Premier Sihle Zikalala says most people affected by the recent floods have built their homes near river banks.

The death toll from the floods now stands at 443.

Clean-up work in the province continues:

Zikalala says that municipalities will have to be more careful in the future to ensure that nobody builds in risk areas.

The Prime Minister gave an update on the situation in the province at a press conference in Durban.

“The case of people who have built houses along the river banks will be given priority as these are mostly people affected by flooding. A number of homes along these river banks were affected. Many are still sitting precariously on the banks of the river. The reality is that a building should never have been erected in such a place. As part of the future plans, we should introduce a building ban in all communities by applying the Law to Prevent Recurrence of Burglaries.”

monitoring of funds

Zikalala says funds allocated for flood relief in the province are being closely monitored. The government has already identified R1 billion that can be released to help those affected by the floods. Z

Zikalala assured that no money will be used to enrich individuals.

“All resources allocated to the flood relief and restoration and construction process will be used consistent with Fiscal Prudence transparency and openness of accountability. We wish to emphasize the fact that having learned the lessons of COVID-19, we will not tolerate any level of corruption, wrongdoing or fraud in the province. We want to reassure our communities that all funds will be used wisely and that no one should take advantage of people’s suffering to line their pockets.”

Morgues under control

Zikalala says the government has the situation in the province’s morgues under control. This comes after reports that state morgues have a backlog of performing autopsies.

The extra stress on the morgues is due to the floods that have claimed hundreds of lives.

“We have the situation under control through the Ministry of Health, we have completed 243 autopsies and have 114 more to complete. We have mobilized additional resources, including seven doctors, to ensure autopsies are completed quickly to avoid congestion and allow mourners to bury their loved ones. Our officials are constantly monitoring the situation and sending bodies to the facilities that have space,” the premier said.

KZN government tries to prevent people from building houses near river banks – SABC News

Source link KZN government tries to prevent people from building houses near river banks – SABC News

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