Lamiez Holworthy applauds with a troll after wearing “shorts”. [pic]

Lamiez Holworthy came for the body shaper who criticized her after she wore “shorts” this week …

Metro FM DJ and Kuli Chana’s wife were mercilessly ridiculed by Twitter trolls after posting a photo of her micromini shorts on social media.

‘Get used to it’

“I’m wearing shorts today,” Ramie’s Holworthy captioned the curvaceous photo.

But while most of her followers praised her confidence in her body, many made only nasty comments.

“You need a gym,” said one twist. Another addition: “Hiking helps”.

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The third troll was equipped with “Tell Lendoza not to wear shorts.”

But Ramiez did not entertain their insults. She gave a subtle applause to those who dared to do body shaming.

She tweeted: “I told the security guard at work” o pila ngwanaka mara yoh! Confidence ya gao ka shorty eo Le dirope tse kana’ [You are my child, but your confidence with those thighs in those shorts!]

“In honor, wang tlwayela mama [Get used to it]”.

Lamiez has also reposted some posts from supportive fans …

Compare Ramies Holworthy to Solve Waffles

Meanwhile, Lamiez Holworthy – received this week South African Heroine Award Compared to – for her charity week Uncle Waffle, Brock’s new kid.

The next female DJ made a fuss on social media after posting her clip spinning the deck and her sexy dance moves.

“Uncle Waffle and Lamiez’s Same WhatsApp Group” posted one twist.

Another added:She started this whole majai van DJ trend tbh

Others were not so convinced. “Don’t look down on Ramiez this way,” said one enthusiastic fan.

Meanwhile, Lamiez praised the Internet sensation.

She tweeted. “You are not only gorgeous, but also very atmospheric. You can’t help but stun!”

Lamiez Holworthy applauds with a troll after wearing “shorts”. [pic]

Source link Lamiez Holworthy applauds with a troll after wearing “shorts”. [pic]

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