Land Transport: Impact of Minister Ngannou at Richelieu Site Visit

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A field visit to the village of Richelieu was conducted today by the Minister to assess the situation regarding several issues related to the land transport sector, such as road safety, commuting and inconveniences related to the Metro Express. Mr. Alan Ganou, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Land Transport and Light Rail, Minister of Regional Integration and International Trade.

He was accompanied by Parliamentary Secretary (PPS), Mrs. Marie Christian Drin Chukory, Chairman of the Black River District Council, Ludwig Labote, and others. Representatives of several key stakeholders, including members of the village council, police, Road Development Authority, Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit, Metro Express Ltd, and the Department of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, were also present.

Prior to the site visit, a meeting was held between the Minister and stakeholders at the Richelieu Village Office.

In a statement, Minister Ngannou emphasized that the current site visits show the government’s willingness to solve problems that arise across villages. We know that progress is going on in Mauritius, but he said it will definitely take some time to implement some projects.

Regarding the meeting, he emphasized that various partners were able to assess the situation, share ideas and find some solutions to the problems raised. Ngannou recalled that when the light rail was introduced in Mauritius, certain mandatory changes were made to the light rail track itinerary. In this way, the village of Richelieu is divided into two by the light rail track, which causes some inconvenience to the inhabitants.

The minister reassured authorities that he was here to try to solve this problem, for which a technical committee was set up to find a solution to this problem and to enable the liquidity and liquidity of the villagers. I am planning to meet next week. The proposed solution is to build elevated roads / passages so that residents can access both sides of the village, he said.

Regarding traffic safety, Mr. Ganou emphasized that the area is prone to fatal road accidents and that appropriate infrastructure needs to be put in place on Richelieu’s highways to reduce the risk of road accidents.

On her side, Mrs. Chukouri, one of the allegations made by the residents of Richelieu, did not allow the light rail tracks to access the other side of the village, so they made many detours. It means that you have to. Therefore, she emphasized that the villagers demanded the use of elevated roads to access both sides.

In addition, PPS said last year many road accidents were registered on the Richelieu arterial road and various site visits were made to find solutions. Therefore, she pointed out that a third traffic light is expected to be installed to reduce the risk of road accidents and loss of life in the area.

In addition, PPS said Richelieu’s budget 2021/22 has been allocated a total of 300 million rupees. She emphasized that this allocation would fund infrastructure projects and the construction of drainage channels to curb floods in the region. She pointed out that Richelieu is classified as an emergency and flood-prone area, and all of these Richelieu infrastructure projects are expected to be completed in three years.

As for Mr. La Beaute, he said, the district council is here to act as a facilitator, find solutions to dissatisfaction, and work for the inhabitants.

Gino Tabany, head of the Richelieu village council, said a follow-up meeting was organized, most requests from residents were accepted and supported by the authorities.

It will be distributed by the APO Group on behalf of the Republic of Mauritius.

Land Transport: Impact of Minister Ngannou at Richelieu Site Visit

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