Lasizwe left embarrassed by his ’bae’

Along Jamal Groot Boom 8 minutes ago

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There may be no reason why Rashizwe Dumbza is crying for his new boyfriend.

The star of “Lasizwe: Fake Till You Make It” was weeping when he saw his boyfriend leave for Cape Town on the weekend.

However, the boyfriend did not reach Mother City after admitting that Rashizwe had hit him in Great Dane, a popular drinking fountain in Johannesburg.

Lasizwe, who appeared on Instagram Live, chatted with Molemo’Lemii LoCo’Lehoko in a Q & A session on “Mjolo Monday” to reveal what happened.

Rashizwe said he decided to leave his pe at the airport and then go out with his friends that night.

After that, they bumped into their boyfriend in Great Dane.

Next, Remy asked if she would explain why she wasn’t in Cape Town.

Rashizwe said: “I was very shocked when I saw him, because you saw my story when I was crying.

“I experienced like I lost my limbs, and our relationship was two seconds ago, but I knew you in a good year and you were going with me for six months Finally, I gave you a chance.

“And when we dropped you off at the airport on the flight we purchased, we met each other for six months and met you in Great Dane.”

On his Twitter page, Lasizwe posted a humorous video showing that he was upset about the whole situation.

He also posted “Xhosa men 1 –Lasizwe 0”. This shows how his Pega, probably Xhosa, played.

At this stage, it’s unclear if they’re still together or if he’s done things.

Lasizwe left embarrassed by his ’bae’ Source link Lasizwe left embarrassed by his ’bae’

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