Law enforcement officers increased vigilance in rumors of shutdown-SABC News

The National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure confirmed that law enforcement agencies are becoming more vigilant following rumors of a national closure on Monday.

This was after a similar campaign last month caused widespread anxiety in KwaZulu-Natal and Houten, claiming the lives of more than 350 people and the loss of billions of rands.

Unconfirmed statements are widespread on social media sites around the alleged shutdown. In a statement from joint operations and intelligence agencies, Maj. Gen. Masapero Peters states that new threats have not been underestimated.

She says security forces are very vigilant to maintain the stability of the country.

“Natjoints is aware of inflammatory messages on various social media platforms that defend violence. The people behind these messages are warned that inciting violence is a criminal offense. General People are warned of spreading such disruptive messages. Another series of messages is also conducting rounds in which people are mobilizing to respond to possible shutdowns. Is urged not to respond to calls for violence and crime, and therefore discourages them from participating in activities that go against the rule of law and undermine the authority of the state. “

The University of Cape Town’s Center for Analysis and Behavior Change has studied social media campaigns aimed at providing false information. They say they are revisiting the demand for shutdowns and violence from the sophisticated network of Twitter accounts that facilitate radical economic transformation ideas.

Stuart Jones of the Center states that some suspicious accounts have been used by retweeting social media coverage more than 100,000 times. He says at least 12 fake accounts were used to spread wildfire-like exciting messages on social media.

“Sticking on these 12 accounts created over 100,000 tweets in a month, of which 14,000 contained hashtags and keywords that were thought to be related to incitement to violence. Each of these accounts is posted 526 times a day on average, and the highest of these accounts has one hashtag related to incitement to violence on the 12th of July. Posted 1254 times a day. This is an average tweet every 43 seconds. “

Jones said he noticed that the so-called RET Twitter network was re-engaged in the shutdown, march, and violence calls this week.

“Yes, social media pushed these messages. The network we reported pushed these messages. And there is a call for march and a call for violence, along with a push for closure on the 23rd. Is a completely different matter. “

He says these types of false information campaigns are bad for democracy.

“What this does is effectively radicalize people, especially around socially fragmented issues. This leads to election results, and people may want to manipulate it. There are also social consequences that divide us and thus bring material benefits to those who benefit from the division of our country. “

The eThekwini municipality has confirmed that law enforcement agencies are very vigilant. KwaZulu-Natal’s ANC has distanced itself from posters circulating on social media and misused the party logo.

Law enforcement officers increased vigilance in rumors of shutdown-SABC News

Source link Law enforcement officers increased vigilance in rumors of shutdown-SABC News

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