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Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc paid a late fee from Red Bull’s Max Verstappen to win the Austrian Grand Prix. Starting in the second tier Leclerc overcame the two-time world champion on track to win the Red Bull home run.

The front row started to clean up as the practice started behind the front runners, as Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz tried to knock out his teammate but when the idea died quickly, his attention was focused on Mercedes’ success. George Russell and Red Cross. The ox of Sergio Perez.

Sainz eventually moved into the clear air and George Russell found his mirror filled with Perez’s Red Bull, who tried to travel outside Russell, which caused contact between the two drivers in Perez’s gravel.

Russell was given a second penalty for his part in the accident, which gave him any hope of gaining a platform.

Ethnic leader Max Verstappen began to falter as he approached the first pit stop window.
Second-placed Charles Leclerc used this as an opportunity to pass the reigning world champion which he did well before the Red Bull entered the pit.

Leclerc went a long way by using its tires better than its riders and when it came out, it appeared behind Verstappen but the new tires, it was only a matter of time before it passed its second.

Leclerc got their way from Max and the Red Bull driver found himself in more trouble than third-placed Carlos Sainz.

The winner of Britain’s Grand Prix jumped into a frenzy and as he trembled to kill Max’s Red Bull’s car, his engine exploded and he stopped running at the head of a fire.

With a well-designed safety car coming out, front-runners Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen chose to carry a free pit to make sure they were on the best tires. Then, on the closing thigh, Charles Leclerc found his car problem and as his bones fell off, Red Bull’s pursuit of Max Verstappen approached.

Finally, Charles Leclerc stood out for the win and corrected the difference in the driver’s race for head coach Max Verstappen with 38 points.

Lewis Hamilton won the final podium, followed by George Russell’s team that recovered well from its five-minute penalty.

The Formula One game is currently played by Paul Richard Circuit in France.

Le Clerc and Ferrari celebrate Austrian GPs:

Le Clerc wins Austrian GP – SABC News

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