Learn how to Choose the Best Sports for Betting

We are in a world where placing wagers on sports or different games are now cool. You couldn’t say you wanted to bet without running into legal troubles in the past. Even betting is entirely at your risk in those times, which means you could win a bet and not get paid. For some bettors, it means financial troubles when they lose bets. Their financial problems could come with violence from bookmarkers.

The situation now is healthier. Nations around the world have legitimised betting, and they regulate it. So, bettors don’t have to do something illegal before wagering on anything. This ease of betting has led to an explosion in bettors globally. Now, there are different sports to wager on, and these new bettors wonder which sports are the best ones to bet on.

Usually, as a new bettor, you get the generic advice of just choosing a sport and betting on it if you don’t have a favourite sport. If you do have the sport you love, they say bet on that sport. Sure having a sport you love certainly makes betting on a sport easier but is that enough? The guys at elevensportsusa.com don’t think so. They believe that choosing a sport for betting is much more, and we agree.

In that light, we have written this post to give you criteria to help you choose the best sport for wagering. So, read.

The Odds.

Say you love a sport. You enjoy that sport so much that you live and breathe it. The passion for that sport flows through your body. If someone pricks you, you will bleed that sport.

However, the sport you love so much could have enticing betting odds. To have a great time betting, the favourite sport you are betting on could have low odds. This means you would have to take more significant risks to get profits.

Bet Types.

A sport that will give you high returns for betting must have multiple bet types. When your sport has multiple debt types, then you are spoiled for choice. This means you can creatively express yourself with your bets. Instead of focusing on only win outcomes, you could as well easily leverage on other scenarios.

Also, you could try a combination of different types and improve your profits from betting.

Are you Pro Thrill or Pro Profits?

There are two categories of bettors. The ones who bet because they need to feel the thrill of something at stake other than their team’s pride. The other category is the more pragmatic with their approach and is playing for profits. These people want to win and aren’t very emotional about the sports that they wager on.

Knowing the category you belong to will help you choose the best sports for you to gamble on. The truth is, most types of sports can work for both income and thrill purposes. What matters most is your attitude to betting. Gambling to add an extra edge to your passion is great, and many bettors take this approach to betting.

Only a select few take betting as a form of business where getting income is a must. Irrespective of your intention to wage, you could lose or win. However, some people who do it for the thrill are less cautious. Those who wager purely for profit have an analytical and dispassionate approach which helps improve their win percentage.

However, nothing is sure about gambling. No matter how critical you are with your plans, you could win or lose. So, how does the category of bettors influence the sports you bet on? Let’s find out, shall we?

Stick to the Familiar.

If you are a thrill person, you may not need to be deeply familiar with a sport. Just know a few things about it and immerse yourself in its passion. We have spoken to people with zero volleyball knowledge but got drawn into it due to the Olympics.

If profit drives your interest in betting, it would be better to stick with a sport you are familiar with. That way, you have an interest you can sustain. Due to your knowledge of the sport, you can make informed decisions to help you make money.

Even as someone familiar with the sport, you must adopt a ruthless nature. This is due to the fact sometimes. Your passion can creep into your decision-making. To counter this, use facts and statistics and be ruthlessly analytic.

What if You Don’t Have a Familiar Sport.

So you are new to betting and don’t have a sport yet, what do you do? Easy or, more accurately, difficult. You pick a new sport, and learning about that sport from scratch can be demanding. You have two options here, though. You could decide to forge on or quit. Quitting doesn’t sound fun. So, forging ahead, it is.

To sustain your interest, invest a little money in that sport in the form of smaller wagers. These wagers will help you hold on to your interest and force you to know more about the sport. If you are the type of person that can sustain their interest, then good for you. However, don’t think the money you want to spend on the smaller bets is a waste. It is a form of investment.

If you feel like you can take on more risks, you could bet on an unfamiliar sport during a major event. It’s easier to know about the favourite to win that way, and you can wager on that person to win. We don’t advise this, though. It is not as analytic as we would like.


As you may have grasped, the type of sport you invest in depends entirely on the criteria we have provided above. If you have a sport you like that has great odds and bet types. You can start from there.


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