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Lesotho diplomat expelled from SA with illegal liquor racket

SA’s Lesotho diplomat has been accused of dealing with illegal alcohol.

Lesotho said Thursday that several of the country’s diplomats had been expelled from South Africa over an illegal peddler of duty-free alcohol.

Maseru’s Foreign Ministry said South Africa had given diplomats and their families 72 hours to leave the country.

South Africa said in a statement that diplomats made a decision because they violated the law “especially the illegal trade in duty-free alcohol.”

South African media reported that financially distressed Lesotho diplomats brought alcohol into the country without paying tariffs and resold it at bars and restaurants.

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The ministry has stated that South Africa has “disappointed and embarrassed that several Basoto diplomats have been declared persona non grata.”

When the police officer returned home, he would be subject to disciplinary action.

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A leaked memo from the South African government sent to Maseru’s Foreign Ministry lists 12 diplomats, including a spouse who “abused diplomatic privileges.”

The South African Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not immediately respond to inquiries about comments from AFP.

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Lesotho diplomat expelled from SA with illegal liquor racket

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