Lewis Hamilton denies feeling pressure after a pit lane slip

Alan Baldwin

Lewis Hamilton denied that he was under pressure to fight for the F1 title after an unusual “embarrassing” pit lane error in the Russian Grand Prix qualifying on Saturday finished fourth on the starting grid of the race on Sunday.

Seven-time World Champion and the most successful driver in history, in his final Top 10 shootout, brushed the walls as he entered the pits to replace dry truck slick tires.

A few driver mistakes meant Hamilton had to wait for the new front wing and teammate Valtteri Bottas-spent valuable time and, decisively, his new preheat. Cooled the set of tires.

“That was my own mistake. I am very disappointed with myself,” Hamilton told Sky Sports Television.

Hamilton is five points behind Red Bull championship leader Max Verstappen. Max Verstappen must start from behind due to engine penalties. This gives Briton a great opportunity to go back.

Mercedes drivers, who were on the provisional pole after the first lap of the intermediate tires, downplayed the suggestion that pressure was a factor.

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“Honestly, it wasn’t a pressure scenario, so it has nothing to do with pressure. It was literally just a mistake,” he said.

“I was attacking because I knew I didn’t have much time. I was trying to get through the pit lane as soon as possible because I knew I needed as much time on the track as possible.

“The truck came in thinking it was dry and the grip was pretty good, ran a little faster than usual, lost the back end and slipped into the wall.

Sunday’s victory will be his record F1 100th place, but Briton has so far failed to add to the 99th place secured at Silverstone in July.

The champion said it wasn’t superstitious, and a victory would come.

“Of course, tomorrow I’ll definitely give everything and chase after that hundreds. It’s a big number. It feels like it’s taken longer than ever, but it’s a pretty cool number to wait for,” he says. I did.

Lewis Hamilton denies feeling pressure after a pit lane slip

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