Liberia: BCTC receives 900k from GOL

The President of Bong County Technical College (BCTC), Dr. Roland Massaquoi, has acknowledged receipt of nine hundred thousand ($900,000.00) US dollars to begin work to complete the college.

The money is part of the US$3.2 million estimated by the government of Liberia for the full completion of Liberia’s central public higher education institution.

In the 2017 representative and presidential elections, then-presidential candidate of Liberia George Weah promised to complete Bong County Technical College upon his election.

Four years after his election, the president now appears to be delivering on his promise after four years of protests from college students calling on him to help him finish college.

Dr Massaquoi told a team of reporters on Wednesday that the initial payment made by the government will be used directly to complete the civil works on the College facilities.

He named the solar lighting system, the completion of the library and the laboratory, among several others, as key areas that will be examined.

He said a bidding process is currently underway and work will begin at the college once the bidding process is complete.

He stressed the urgent need to complete the BCTC, calling on the county to consider the completion of the college a priority as it anticipates another council meeting.

Asked about the President’s delay in delivering on his promise, Dr Massaquioi said he was glad the government now understood the need to complete the college, adding “no matter how long it took, the most important thing is that The President and his government are poised to help the people of Bong County”