Liberia: Liberia Militia-Minister endangering Liberia’s education

Monrovia — On World Press Freedom Day, former Liberia Press Union (PUL) officials face serious threats to “right to knowledge without interference” and “academic freedom to receive and convey knowledge and information” According to the George Weah administration, which states that it has been exposed.

According to Julius Kullie Kanubah, this threat is particularly related to the March 30, 2021 decision of the Liberia Ministry of Education. In its policy statement, the ministry has issued what is called “all international scholarships” and “rules” to regulate, manage and determine the “standardization of exams and final interviews” related to international scholarships. did.

Mr. Kanuba said that the Ministry of Education’s policy statement, which thoroughly and comprehensively covers private and / or independent scholarships awarded in an internationally competitive manner, states (Financial Needs, National Situation, And considering individual potential), the 1986 Constitution of the Republic of Liberia.

Article 15a of the Liberia Constitution stipulates that “everyone has the right to freedom of expression,” while Article 15b specifically states “rights.” [to freedom of expression] Kanuba claims to include “rights to knowledge,” including “academic freedom to receive and convey knowledge and information.”

In this regard, the former Deputy Secretary-General of PUL said that the George Weah administration through the Ministry of Education under Ansu D. Sonii gave Liberia a constitutionally guaranteed right as if it were now under an evil dictatorship. Claims to be infringing. It wasn’t the case yet.

In particular, the Ministry of Education’s policies have a calm impact on truly ambitious college students, scholars, researchers, social justice activists and activists. Kanuba has added an abusive oversight system due to an illegal regime.

In addition, Kanuba said in a policy statement from the Ministry of Education that “the final list of students approved for scholarships must each obtain a certificate signed by the minister or his designated person.” On the other side, he says he is deeply appalled of the pre-travel education. “

Beyond the fact that private and / or independent international scholarship institutions / universities do not allow politically biased government officials such as the Ministry of Education of Liberia to participate in scholarship selection and awarding committees. The Ministry of Education has chosen to become a clearinghouse that independent, competent and mature private Liberia citizens seeking education abroad through international scholarships must follow before traveling.

The Ministry of Education guarantees that Article 12a of the Liberia Constitution states that “everyone who moves legally within the Republic of Liberia has the right to move freely throughout Liberia, to reside in and leave it.” I have to tell you that. 12b clearly states that “every Liberia citizen has the right to enter and leave Liberia at any time.”

Therefore, it would be a serious feeling for Minister Ans D. Sony and his team of politically appointed ministry of education to choose to turn themselves into a wartime militia-style exorbitant group. You will be asked and obtained before traveling outside Liberia with a personally awarded international scholarship. Mr Kanuba warns that Minister Sonny and his team should not turn themselves into militia ministers to build and operate disciplinary checkpoints, as they are currently deliberately transforming the Ministry of Education. I will.

“All individuals, scholarship groups, and the general public working outside the scope of these procedures will be referred to the Ministry of Justice for charges of trafficking,” Sonii said. “MoE is in Liberia. I will notify the national police. ” The Liberia Immigration Department and all universities that give scholarships to Liberia students for new procedures “is the process by which his team of Ministers of Education and the Ministry of Education manages privately awarded competitive international scholarships. It shows that we need to be educated not only about, but more importantly, the Liberia Constitution, which civil servants are obliged to defend as part of their pledge to public affairs.

Besides endangering the pursuit of advanced education for Liberia abroad through international scholarships that compete with other foreign / international students living and operating under the state government, Minister Sonny and his Ministry of Education politics The appointed team significantly undermines and undermines the George Wee administration’s unwise policy to declare free tuition education at all public universities / universities in Liberia.