Liberia: UL honors and decorates Dean Warner for outstanding service

Monrovia — The University of Liberia (UL) leadership team has honored Adviser T. Negbalee Warner, outgoing Dean of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law.

Clr. Warner was honored Wednesday, August 3, 2022, in the Conference Room of the Nathaniel B. Cassell Building on Capitol Hill for his outstanding service to the law school and the university at large, since his ascension as dean on July 1. 2016.

Dean Warner stepped down on July 31, 2022 after more than six years of stellar law school leadership. He will stay in college.

In a brief ceremony Wednesday at UL’s Capitol Hill campus, Cllr. Warner was decorated with the UL Presidential pin and presented with a UL personalized keychain, mug and jacket as a thank you for outstanding service.

In separate remarks, UL Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Moses M. Zinnah described Counselor Warner as a man who always wanted to do the right things during his tenure as dean of the faculty of right.

“You brought a lot of spheres to academia, especially to law school,” Dr. Zinnah said.

“I hope the platform you have built at school will showcase Cllr’s work. [Jallah] Barbu, the new dean,” added Dr Zinnah.

He clarified that Councilor Warner was not leaving the university entirely, but that he would continue to provide support in all possible roles for the betterment of the law school.

Dr. Zinnah called Counselor Warner a critical but supportive professional in everything he sets out to do.

He noted that “we sometimes agreed and disagreed on some of the issues, but we prevailed in the end.”

“People like you are very hard to find, but we are very happy that you are not leaving us and hope that you will return one day to take on different roles in addition to teaching,” Dr. Zinnah concluded.

Also taking the floor, University of Liberia Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Jonathan C. Taylor thanked Cllr. Warner for raising the standards of the law school even further.

“You have added value to law school amid the constraints and I believe there will always be opportunities to be exploited. Thank you for the insights you have provided,” Dr. Taylor said.

In response, outgoing Dean Warner thanked UL President Professor Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr., and the leadership team for the recognition and honor conferred on him.

Clr. Warner said the gesture was one that came as a surprise.