Liberia: United Methodist University students protest abrupt cancellation of nursing program

Monrovia — On Monday, several suffering students from the School of Nursing at United Methodist University raided the Ashman Street campus in protest of the cancellation of the nursing program.

According to a nursing student, he registered for the course at the beginning of the previous semester, but unfortunately he has no grades after the end of the previous semester.

It said the suffering students asked them to go to the Ganta campus in Nimba county and start all the courses they took in the previous semester without refund.

When contacted, UMU Joseph Peters’ Vice Dean of Health Science University, Winifred J. Harley, told FrontPageAfrica that for some reason he was unable to answer the claims of the suffering nursing student.

Victim students, led by Alexander G. Ware, locked the university administration building and stopped normal work activities.

Ware said the school was about to open in the new semester and their courses were not reflected in the school’s system. He added that the first protest was postponed due to the graduation movement. Since then, Ware says the administration has been sticking to overturning their decisions.

For Ware and many students, their desire to attend school this semester is uncertain, as they cannot afford the courses they took in the previous semester.

“We will continue this protest until the administration changes its decision. We will not rest. There are many people waiting for us to get this degree and the administration wants to delay us. I don’t think it’s acceptable, “Wear said.

Another suffering student, Patrick M. Fahnbulleh said the administration had instructed them to enroll in a nursing program at their Ashmun Street Campus. But at the end of the semester, and to their greatest surprise, their grades were not reflected in their gradebook.

“They said they had to go to Ganta and start over because the program was canceled and didn’t give them a transcript, and they said they wouldn’t return our money,” Fernbre said. Said.

“The administration is very ruthless to us students. They told us they didn’t know the programs running here (Ashmun Road). They asked us to go to Ganta and start over with those courses. We paid over US $ 600, and other requirements. Where is the money we spent? If you can’t refund, let us transfer your grades to Ganta. Go there . “