Lindiwe Sisulu fails to fulfill R600m bailout promise

The Minister of Human Resident Lindiwe Sisulu failed to fulfill his promise to allocate 600 million rants to relieve the rent of tenants and landlords facing “financial distress” due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lindiwe Sisulu states she was simply a “detailed plan”

When asked about this week’s funding, a Thistle spokesman denied she had made a promise, rather when she mentioned bailouts during her budget voting speech in July 2020, she simply said, ” It was a detailed plan. “

Eight months later, with little or no support for lost tenants or landlords who relied solely on rent, civil society organizations began petitioning, and who would qualify to Minister Thistle, Rand 600 million. I asked to explain how they are assigned. Others.

In her department’s budget speech on COVID-19 bailouts, Sisle relieves affordable residential tenants struggling to “fulfill their monthly rent obligations” and facing financial difficulties. Announced that will be held.

Sisul also said details of the rent relief will be published within 30 days of her address.

Minister of Human Residence Lindy Wesisl. Image: Gallo Images / Beeld / Deaan Vivier

Petition continues for months without funds

However, after months of unannounced funding and rent relief details, 28 organizations and affected tenants started about a week ago and have so far participated in the petition with more than 600 online signatures. did.

Organizations that support this action include the Union of Social Justice, Avara Ribasm Jondoro, Reclam the City, Women’s Legal Center and Legal Resource Center. The petition was signed by about 600 people at the time of writing.

The petition requires the housing sector to publish a document explaining who the rental relief will be assigned to and when it will take place, and to keep the public informed of the progress of the relief.

“Detailed policy framework” under development – ​​Lindiwe Sisulu

Last November, Thistle answered Congressional questions about 600 million rants. She said no funds had been used or allocated by this date while the department continued to promise to provide support to both low-income tenants and landlords. She added that the money would benefit both unsubsidized and state-sponsored rentals tenants.

In response, Sisul said the ministry has developed a detailed policy framework for the rent relief system.

This week, Sisle spokesman Steve Motale told Groundup that during the budget vote, Sisle “did not promise” but only detailed plans to submit to the Treasury and State Command. It was.

“This issue is currently a parliamentary process. Once confirmed, the general public will be notified accordingly,” Motale said.

The threat of losing a home

“Many people who have lost or lost their income and livelihoods are facing the threat of losing their homes and are experiencing unprecedented hunger,” Ndifuna Ukwazi said in a statement. Stated.

The statement also stated that landlords and renters needed assistance “to prevent overloading housing-related debt as a result of the financial and economic conditions caused by the pandemic.”

What the minister said exactly

This is a direct quote from Sisulu’s speech dated July 21, 2020, and she listed her department’s budget priorities.

“1.3 Covid-19 Leasing Relief for Affordable Rental Housing Tenants Faced with Financial Distress Due to the Pandemic. This rental relief helps formal affordable rental housing tenants meet their monthly rental obligations. Means test, of course, means forming some of the criteria needed to determine who can help. 600 million rants have been allocated for this purpose. Details of this rental remedy for affordable rental housing tenants will be published within the next 30 days. “

– Along Liezl Human protection status

Lindiwe Sisulu fails to fulfill R600m bailout promise

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