Local volunteers in Tunisia recognized for promoting a comprehensive COVID-19 pandemic response

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program, the UNV Maghreb Field Unit hosted the Tunisia Volunteer Award in 2021. It took the form of a national convention aimed at recognizing volunteer efforts in three categories: contributions to COVID-19 compliance. Innovation that stimulates new forms of volunteer activity and contributions to social cohesion. This story highlights how local volunteers, nominated as finalists in the first category, promoted comprehensive COVID-19 compliance in the country.

As in other parts of the world, the fight against pandemics is still going on in Tunisia. Coronavirus was an opportunity to learn about the potential of volunteers and what one of the first responders, a volunteer, can do in a health crisis situation. They have produced influential results and have supported various elements of pandemic preparedness and response.

Local volunteers in Tunisia are committed to ending the outbreak of COVID-19 and have responded in several ways from the beginning. The contributions of the three local volunteers stood out for their special contribution.

Aziz Zaguia, Amin Sleimi and Aziz Bejaoui, selected as finalists in the COVID-19 response category of the UNV50 Awards, were commended for their efforts to embody the spirit of volunteerism and solidarity.

At the peak of the crisis, Aziz Zagia (award winner) took leadership in responding to COVID-19 through volunteer work with the city of Ksar Heral and the Ministry of Public Health. Crossing over 1,500 km in the framework of a vaccination campaign, he is a champion both behind the screen and in the field, solving technical problems related to the vaccination platform EVAX and more than 300,000 citizens on the ground. Promoted vaccination.

Aziz helped coordinate and facilitate the entire vaccination process in a variety of ways, from civic registration to vaccine center management and distribution. In particular, we paid attention to the most abandoned people.For example, with the aim of expanding the scope of vaccination campaigns, he Facebook group With over 6,000 members today, you’ll get timely support and information about your campaign.

Aziz was awarded the UNV50 Tunisian Volunteer Award 2021 for his COVID-19 response for his continued efforts to respond to the pandemic.

“The volunteer journey never ends. This engagement is rooted in us and grows like us.“ – Aziz Zaguia, Winner of the Tunisian Volunteer Award 2021 in response to COVID-19

As soon as Tunisia recorded 12 COVID-19 cases, Tunisian scout volunteer Amin Sreymi wore his uniform and participated in risk communication and community involvement efforts. He also participated in the disinfection of public spaces to limit the spread of the virus.

In addition to intervening in crowded areas to ensure respect for hygiene protocols, Amin was involved in the distribution of humanitarian aid to underprivileged and crisis-affected people.

Aziz Bejaoui, a volunteer at the Red Crescent Society of Tunisia, also demonstrated the multifaceted volunteer contribution to the COVID-19 response. He not only assisted in compliance with hygiene measures and distribution of donations, but also assisted and instructed citizens to contact toll-free numbers available to report suspected cases of infection.

As the pandemic weakened the bridge between the diverse groups, Amin Sreimi and Aziz Bejawi showed solidarity with isolated people. When strict blockades affected vulnerable families and kept them away from social networks, they helped facilitate and assist with access to resources.

The pandemic is still going on, but it’s time to rethink our epidemic prevention and response approaches by recognizing, measuring, and leveraging volunteer contributions and further engaging field heroes in the knowledge-generating process.

Distributed by the APO Group on behalf of UN volunteers.

Local volunteers in Tunisia recognized for promoting a comprehensive COVID-19 pandemic response

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