LOL! Woolies rotisserie chicken prices leave SA fuming

Woolworths wasn’t ready for this shocking tweep who took the time to call them out for raising the price of their rotisserie chicken. Taking to Twitter on Thursday this week, a user asked why the price of chicken had gone up by R10 in less than a week. Intriguingly, the employee was wondering if the chicken had finished by now and it cost more to let other employees use their funny answers and unexpected price responses.

Woolies chickens get quality food – online

There are always funny things happening online – especially in South Africa.

One shocking tweep caused a lot of mockery after getting a bone – a chicken bone to be exact – with the local Woolworths store.

Taking to Twitter on 14 July this week, Tweep wondered why the price of the shop’s rotisserie chicken had gone up by R10 in such a short period of time.


“Why is your Rotisserie chicken R99.99 from R89.99? Did he get a credit or pay his Nsfas or something? Asked in a clearly hurt and funny @VendaVendor.

A funny word is coming

Although Woolies did not respond to the tweet, it went through 2000 reactions and comments from other Twitter users who gave different opinions and jokes about the poultry situation.

@tableshakerza said:

“Everything went up. It was very expensive to produce recently. Food alone in the last 3 months has gone up by R15 per bag. Electricity, fuel and gas. The input cost of farmers has gone up. Woolies don’t carry chickens from the trees sadly.”

@askashkaran said:

“This chicken is not eligible for NSFAS. His family income is very high. He will repay his parents for the two bedroom house he had while studying on the farm”

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LOL! Woolies rotisserie chicken prices leave SA fuming

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