Look inside the house of reality show star Nonk Williams [photos]

With the founder of Ashes to Beauty Winery Real housewife in durban (((RHOD) Reality TV star Nonku Williams shares her stunning home on Instagram.

Who is Nonku Williams?

by The RevsThe Real Housewives franchise has just expanded and Durban is the next city to show us what they are made of. With the first episode airing, housewives have already caused a fuss. The first episode featured “elephants in the room” centered around the fact that most “housewives” know each other, with the exception of Nonk Williams. So while the housewife understands who she is, Nonk’s house also looks very impressive:

It seems that Nonk is also under construction, and he is a mother of three.

Look inside the house of Nonk Williams

RHOD Is the 24th international and second South African installment payment. The· Real housewives A franchise distributed internationally by NBC Universal Formats, a division of the Universal Studios Group.The new show is set to be built on the popularity of Johannesburg real housewife, Was one of Showmax’s 10 most streamed local series in 2019.

The new episode lands every Friday, the second on February 5, the third on February 12, and the fourth on February 19, the sixth “housewife” of the show, which owns the beauty brand Laconco Naturals. Meet Nonkanyiso Conco.

Valen’tino Mathibela (Lebo M – Coming Home, Johannesburg’s Real Housewife, Survivor SA, The Voice SA) Is the director of the reality series, produced by Let It Rain Films and creatively directed by Lee Doig.Doig won an Emmy Award for his cinematography Survivor USA And he won nine more nominations for his work over the 34 seasons of the hit show.

“It was a lot of fun to see these women grow up in pursuit of their dreams and grow into bigger people when they haven’t seen them come,” says Valentino. “They were also very generous with their personal story, which gave us exactly what we were looking for at this show.”

RHOD Eventually it will be available in more than 40 African countries, bringing the spiciness, spices and saltiness of Durban to the continent.

Look inside the house of reality show star Nonk Williams [photos]

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