Loyalty program. Implementation in your business in South Africa

Nowadays the culture of consumption has changed. When earlier, in times of limited access to goods and information, the client was ready to consume what was offered to him/her and there were enough clear economic rewards for his/her loyalty, now this is not enough. There is an oversupply on the market, tons of advertising messages are pouring on the consumer from all sides, and he/she has no choice but to turn on his own filters. Communication is no longer determined by marketers, starting from the tasks and characteristics of their product but by consumers, pursuing their desires and needs.

The same applies to loyalty programs. Today’s consumer marketing practices require a clear rethinking of the traditional loyalty programs ecosystem. Moreover, they are becoming one of the marketing strategy main tools, since attracting a new client costs 5 to 10 times more than retaining existing customers, who are willing to spend 67% more than new ones. Some peculiarities are essential due to the loyalty program implementation in South Africa

What should be the loyalty program today?

What can it give to the consumer so that he/she feels that the brand really understands him/her and is ready to interact with the person?

  • An innovative e-commerce offer that meets the needs of the client. Analyze the buying and non-buying activity of the consumer to understand which product is relevant for him/her now or will become so soon.
  • Communication at the relevant point in time. It could be a special date/event in the client’s life or just the right time to send an email or make a phone call.
  • Interaction through the most appropriate channel for the client. Someone is ready to communicate by e-mail, someone perceives information better by phone, and some only respond to messages on social networks.

Many business industries are interested in automated management platforms. Such a solution is especially relevant for:

  • Retail trade.
  • Fuel retail.
  • Financial companies.
  • Telecom organization.
  • Manufacturers.

M-Loyalty Company does everything possible not to waste resources on boundless technical tasks. All the processes of relationships with customers can be simply automated due to the M-Loyalty mechanisms. The consumer interacts with the product in a more personalized way due to the special mobile app. This applies both to his/her willingness to share the data in general and to data that can be tracked. One of the main advantages of mobile applications is the ability to track the geolocation of the consumer and suggest decent offers. Such software is perceived as a digital loyalty card and can be easily installed on different devices. Visit the website to find out more detailed information and get to know more information about the tools for the customers online. This tool positively influences the reputation as not only offers a worthy product that meets modern demand but also greatly influences the developments processes and keeps data in a secured way.

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