Lucy Worsley: “I thought my parents’ TV was a waste of money” | TV

MWhen I was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, my parents weren’t keen on watching TV. It’s ironic because I ended up working on TV. My father was a lecturer at the University of Reading and my mother worked for the Workers Education Association. They all grew their own vegetables and were terribly middle class. Television was distributed in our house. Instead, I played the piano for an hour a day. My brother wanted to watch TV, so he was very happy to sit in front of the test card.

As a kid, my parents’ attitude rubbed me off. I have an old teenage diary that records the moment my parents decided to buy a color TV. I was very opposed to it and wrote that it was a waste of money.

We had some things was But it was allowed to see.I was enjoying the news round with John Craven, and Blue Peter..There is one item from Blue Peter What I really remember clearly is the reenactment of Marie Antoinette’s life in the chapel of the Palace of Versailles. She opened a large book containing small pieces of fabric for every dress, pinned it, and chose which dress she wanted to wear. I wanted to work in that area, so I think I remember it vividly. I’m a museum curator when I’m not on TV. The Kensington Palace collection includes books like Marie Antoinette, owned by the daughters of George III.

“Television was distributed at our home” … Lucy Worsley as a kid. Photo: Courtesy of Lucy Worsley

If my parents felt generous after the news, we would be allowed to continue watching Carrington of the dynasty. I remember that soap opera tickled my fantasy. Kristol Karrington was a kind of Catherine of Aragon character in the story – married to the protagonist, but threatened by another malicious and attractive woman who tried to knock her off a perch. I was always facing.

However, there was one series that was not only accepted by my parents but was actually considered commendable. It is “in search of a Trojan horse war” with Michael Wood. When I met him as an adult, he said, “I was disappointed because I didn’t wear leather pants.” He explained to me that his image was so unusual and so refreshing that what I remembered as leather trousers was actually jeans. There was an archaeologist and a TV presenter here who went to Turkey, walked through dusty ruins and desert landscapes, not only wise but also informal. That was what really surprised people in 1985. It now looks like a traditional documentary format, but at the time it was very different.

As a result of the series, I got a little kids version of Odyssey and Iliad and read novels and stories about it. If I were an Edwardian boy, that’s what I might have learned at Eaton, but as a Nottingham girl in the 80’s, I was learning those stories through television and books.

Michael wood
“I remember because his leather trousers were actually jeans” … Michael Wood. Photo: Glenn Copus / ANL / Rex / Shutterstock

Like Trojans and Tudors, there are many evergreen stories that we come back to again and again. I think historical documentaries are as about the present as they were in the past.When i made Series about 6 wives In 2016, it was considered very radical as the title did not include Henry VIII. He wasn’t in the foreground.Then the next step is Musical Six, The title doesn’t even include the word “wife”.

The world is changing, so history needs to catch up – I’m excited to see New Anne Boleyn drama, She is played by the black actor Jodie Turner-Smith. And lately, I take television seriously as a form of art – it’s really important.

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Lucy Worsley: “I thought my parents’ TV was a waste of money” | TV

Source link Lucy Worsley: “I thought my parents’ TV was a waste of money” | TV

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