Luis Serow roams the “true story” of the new “Tiger King” Doxie

Journalist and documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux’s follow-up to popular BBC documentaries Tiger King — — Luis Serow: Shoot Joe Exotic — First released on YouTube on April 6th.

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How is it different from “Tiger King”?

The title of the follow-up documentary is Luis Serow: Shoot Joe Exotic.

Last March, Tiger King It was released on Netflix when most of the world was blocked due to a coronavirus pandemic.The blockade gives viewers more time to indulge in entertainment, which Tiger King It’s a trend on Netflix and social media.

The documentary followed two big cat lovers, Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. Joe Exotic is currently behind a bar sentenced to 22 years in prison for participating in a murder program against Carole Baskin and for violating several federal wildlife laws.

A follow-up documentary raised the issue as Joe Exotic was imprisoned. However, Theroux was interviewing Joe Exotic when he was filming in 2011. America’s most dangerous pet And in a new documentary, he revisits his old interview with Exotic.

What to expect from “Shooting Joe Exotic”

“Only once in 1/90 Luis Serow: Shoot Joe Exotic, Theroux revisited his subject nine years later, trying to figure out what happened, examining his own experience in exotics, and wondering if he could do more. ” Independent..

“The catalyst is a letter sent by Joe from the depths of the prison blockade, contacting a British journalist with Therru and telling him,” I need to tell the truth, but they silence me. I asked him to say. Independent..

Carole Baskin’s Return

Animal rights activist Baskin, Joe Exotic’s archenemy, Tiger King A documentary that many believe in the conspiracy theory that she killed her ex-husband and gave him to her big cat.

Baskin and her husband are also interviewed in a new documentary.

“I think Luis Serow dealt with the subject with thoughtfulness and introspection that showed his desire for a sincere understanding,” Baskin said. Metro..

“My phone isn’t hooking on threats of murder or obscenity, so I suspect BBC viewers are looking for a bit of soul,” she added.

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Luis Serow roams the “true story” of the new “Tiger King” Doxie

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