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Man City regained the lead from Liverpool with the Burnley win – SABC News

Manchester City were one point ahead of rival Liverpool at the top of the Premier League table after a convincing 2-0 win over the losing Burnley on Saturday..

After Liverpool beat Watford earlier in the day, they needed a win to regain the lead, with Kevin de Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan scoring in the first half and two assists from Raheem Sterling defending all three points for Pep Guardiola’s team.

City dominated the ball all the way and started perfectly in the fifth minute after De Bruyne Sterling hit his padded pass within the sixteen and pulled the trigger to find the top corner.

Sterling and De Bruyne contributed greatly to doubling the City’s lead 20 minutes later as the English advances to the right through a quick, single-double pass and baptized Gundogan’s goal into the hex.

“We’ve been playing with these types of games for many years. We scored early, which helped us a lot. But the game is not over until you get the third or fourth, ”Guardiola said in an interview with the Premier League after the game.

“The track was very difficult because the grass was high, there was no water and everything was so slow. But we did well and won the match. ”

The City had an alarm clock in the second half when Burnley almost got one back when Maxwel Cornet’s head was deflected from the line by Nathan Ake. Although Cornet was later classified as an ambush, that move scored for Burnley.

However, the City quickly recovered and could have scored more goals if Phil Foden missed some opportunities while Gabriel Jesus, who had not scored a league goal since September, also missed the finish line.

Meanwhile, due to his fourth defeat at Burnley, Sean Dyche is in 19th place, but is in hand in the playoffs.

“It’s never a shock to Man City. Sometimes they can score as they please if they feel it, ”Dyche told the BBC.

“Our nemesis has created situations throughout the season and has not scored a goal.” The second half showed signs of what it was all about, we need to do that in the next matches.

“We still have 10 games left and we’re still fighting … We have ten efforts to fix ourselves and move on.”

Man City regained the lead from Liverpool with the Burnley win – SABC News

Source link Man City regained the lead from Liverpool with the Burnley win – SABC News

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