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Mandisa Maya is being interviewed by Deputy Chief Justice of ConCourt – SABC News

Mandisa Maya, president of the Supreme Court of Appeal, will be heard on Monday on the position of vice president of the Constitutional Court. The post became vacant when Judge Raymond Zondo took over the government in the Supreme Court earlier this year.

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has nominated Maya for the post of Chief Justice after a week-long interview process.

Mandisa Maya is a pioneer in the legal field and among the first to grow. She was one of the first female judges in the Eastern Cape High Court. The first black woman is in the Supreme Court of Appeal, the first woman is the vice president of the court and later the president.

Maya will now be the country’s first female deputy chief justice. While last year other women held this position, such as Judge Sisi Khampepe last year, Maya would be the first to officially occupy this position.

In the beginning

Born in rural Eastern Cape, the pioneer worked as a court interpreter and prosecutor before joining the Women’s Legal Defense in Washington. As the country entered democracy, Maya worked as an investigator for the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). He practiced as a lawyer before becoming a Supreme Court judge.

Maya then went through the Appeals Departments and also served on the Court.

Expressed in a 2017 interview, he is a strong advocate for more women to get on the bench.

“How do we involve more women in the system? I think by now we could have identified where the real problem is. We have all recognized that there is no shortage of young, law-abiding women who leave our institutions every year. ”

“There’s no shortage of young jurists who join the profession to make office articles, meet students, but something happens when they get into the profession and go through the gaps and we have to look here,” Maya says.

At the head of SCA, it has made the Court of Appeal one of the most efficient courts in the country.

“Maya has done a good job at SCA, some say it’s only been four years and the court could benefit from its leadership stability,” says Dan Matora, a staff member with the South African Constitution Development Council.

In an interview for the post of chief judge earlier this year, Maya urged the committee to consider her abilities rather than her gender.

In April, President Cyril Ramapahosa nominated Maya for the post of Deputy Chief Justice, which he later accepted, and is now being interviewed again by the JSC.

In an interview with the Chief Justice earlier this year, Mandisa Maya, President of SCA, said:

Mandisa Maya is being interviewed by Deputy Chief Justice of ConCourt – SABC News

Source link Mandisa Maya is being interviewed by Deputy Chief Justice of ConCourt – SABC News

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