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Solly Mapaila, Deputy Secretary General of the Communist Party of South Africa, has strongly condemned the activities the civil movement Operation Dudula, who said they were showing vigilance.

He says that attacks on foreign nationals should be condemned and not tolerated. Mapaila was speaking at the ninth SACP district assembly in the northwest, which was held in Stilfontein, near Klerksdorp.

Mapaila also commented on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, saying that although the SACP does not encourage war elsewhere, Russia’s war against Ukraine is justified.

Mapaila’s comments come as some parts of the country are experiencing violence and killings of foreign nationals. He says that searching people’s houses without permission is illegal and must be condemned.

“It is also important to emphasize, especially to South Africans, that we are Africans first and foremost. There is no African who is a foreigner in Africa. You can never be a stranger on your own continent. Europeans do not treat themselves this way. We hate ourselves as Africans and this is tearing you apart to think that our people see someone on the basis of ethnicity or language from this continent in particular or any part of the world as an enemy. There is no person who should be the enemy of another person, “says Mapaila.

Disputes between Ukraine and Russia

Mapaila also reflects on the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia. He says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is justified, contrary to the government’s position, which calls for talks between the two countries.

“Russia is not the aggressor, the aggressors are NATO and the European Union, especially encouraged by the superiority of the US government. That is why they must be involved in this war, not Russia. Russia is using its legitimate defenses. Therefore, its intervention is justified, “says Mapaila.

Operation Dudula gives Rosslyn factories 14 business days to respond to claims [ 29 March 2022]

At the same time, when describing the district council’s resolutions, SACP district secretary Madoda Sambatha said she was concerned that the district government had not spent conditional funding.

He says, however, that they will submit to their parliament a recommendation for a review of the allocation of grants to districts by the national treasury.

“We are arguing that this strength must be prioritized to the same district from a department that could not have destroyed it. Instead of a grant coming from a national going to a district and when it is not protected, the grant is reallocated to another district. This factor creates disparities between regions in terms of development.

The district assembly elected a new district commission, in which all six officials were elected without a vote.

They include district chairman Smuts Matshe and district secretary Madoda Sambatha.

The President of the African National Congress, Cyril Ramaphosa, emphasized Dudula’s activities.

In the video below, Ramaphosa responds to Dudula’s activities

Mapaila SACP Condemns Operation Dudula – SABC News

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