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Maresberg Garlic Project to create the most needed work

Garlic project started in Maresberg

  • With financial support from the Western Cape Agricultural Department, he launched a small garlic project in Murraysburg and is now creating jobs for locals.
  • In 2017, the agency allocated 1.5 million rants to restore the town’s water supply plan.
  • Water availability paved the way for garlic growers.

With an injection of 1.5 million rand from the Western Cape agricultural sector, Murraysburg’s agricultural community has launched a promising small-scale garlic project that is creating coveted jobs in the town of Central Karoo.

Murraysburg Garlic (Pty) Ltd is the brainchild of Oscar Smuts, the grandfather of the Craig and Ryan Newborn brothers. He has long been determined to secure the future of those who work on family-owned farms.

“Then we decided to create an opportunity to make money when a long-time family member died,” Ryan said of the establishment of Murraysberg Garlic (Pty) Ltd.

Create more jobs at WC

Agriculture MECI van Meyer said job creation is crucial to the state government.

The town’s water supply plan was restored in 2017 with the support of local business strategist Chris Barr and financial support of the agricultural sector. This meant that the plot could be irrigated again.

Water availability paved the way for garlic agribusiness.

Western Cape Agriculture MEC Ivan Meyer said the project benefited from collaboration with the local agricultural community and his department.

He added that the project has already created five permanent employment opportunities and 35 seasonal employment opportunities.

“Job creation is crucial to the Government of the Western Cape. The dedication shown by everyone involved will help the business grow successfully and lead to more jobs,” Meyer added.

According to Meyer, the agency has received 1.5 million rants to restore its water supply program, which ultimately turned out to be a “good investment.”

Processing manager Martha Buisen emphasized that several women are also involved in the packaging of garlic bulbs. Booysen has been involved in the project since it started and she is excited to be still involved in the project.


Garlic to plant

“We are working hard and we are proud of the results. We are planning to build a well-equipped processing plant to expand our business. We will grow our business and more in the garlic industry. The purpose is to introduce youth to the young people, “she said.

Mr Meyer said the Western Cape has three strategic priorities. Safety and dignity; and happiness.

“When we create jobs, we create a safer community,” he said.

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Maresberg Garlic Project to create the most needed work

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