Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight’ sets emotional battle head on – SABC News

Hollywood star Oscar Isaac has done a lot of work and also given a cape in English in “Moon Knight”, the latest hero series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Based on Marvel’s lesser-known hero, the new Disney + show featuring Isaac features “at least four people”.

“That is part of the challenge and the pleasure of taking this, the opportunity to show the many facets of one person and really examine it literally with the various characteristic examples it has,” Isaac told Reuters. sets out the process. at the British Museum on Thursday.

Turning from the comic books, of Moon Knight’s alter money to the American and American mercenary Marc Spector, Isaac runs a Steven Grant gift shop. A sleepy Londoner with dissociative identity and Spector memory disturbs him.

“The emotional reality of fighting this problem is not only that, but the journey of healing from oppression and traps, that has really become the guiding principle of everything. Everything you see, including examples a terrible example, a demonstration of the struggle, ”Isaac said.

“In our story, the hero is fighting a mental illness and it really caused me problems because his opponent has to be something else. compete, ”Hawke said.

Isaac persuaded his fellow New Yorker, Hawke, to do the work while he had the opportunity.

“Sometimes, things get together, right? I saw him at a coffee shop in New York and he told me he was doing this and he wanted someone to be with him… I told him , ‘Well, give me a present’, ”Hawke said.

The series, directed by Egyptian actor Mohamed Diab, also features French actor Gaspard Ulliel, who died after a ski accident in the French Alps in Jan. 19, and his final work was accomplished.

“Knight Moon” will appear on Disney + on March 30.

Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight’ sets emotional battle head on – SABC News

Source link Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight’ sets emotional battle head on – SABC News

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