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Matric 2020: Grandfather’s Death by Covid-19 Encourages Dale University Students to Achieve Best Results

  • Luhle-uthando Somana was the first Dale College student to test positive for Covid-19 in 2020.
  • Somana’s grandfather died in Covid-19 the same year, but the students managed to achieve four distinctions.
  • King William’s Town Boarding School, famous for producing rugby players, achieved a pass rate of 95.6%.

Despite being the first student at Dale University to lose his grandfather on Covid-19 and test positive for Covid-19, 18-year-old Luhle-uthando Somana went to school after gaining four distinctions. Came out as the third top performer of.

Somana is one of the few students at King William’s Town School and passed despite the assignments presented by Covid-19.

Another student, Mihle Kunene, was able to achieve a satisfying series of results with four Cs, despite losing her father to Covid-19.

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18-year-old Tabo Bandra from King William’s Town managed to get over it despite using a wheelchair to move to Dale College, which has no wheelchair facilities. He won 1 B and 4 Cs.

Dalehead’s governor and state rugby player, Rwand Corisa, was devastated when the rugby season was lost by Covid-19.

King William’s Town, famous for producing rugby players, achieved a 95.6% pass rate (50.6% bachelor’s degree) despite the challenges students faced. This is well above the previous year’s results.


The emotional and proud Principal of Dale, Garth Shaw, said: “The story of 2020 is to work with patience and goals in mind for me. When I see these leaners, I strongly remember that … they are humble me!”

“I lost my closest grandfather last year. Losing my grandfather was still the hardest time in my life, because I had to study one night, so I couldn’t. I couldn’t even touch the book because of his flashback.

“In it, I told myself to study hard and make him proud. In conclusion, as in the whole country, the Covid-19 pandemic scared most of us, and that I’m afraid to catch it and get sick, and sometimes I can’t study or write. “

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Somana plans to study further at Wit University and wants to study medicine there.

On the other hand, in Makanda, despite the decline in the national average admission rate, the energetic Nchika Junior High School with poor background students continues to punch beyond their weight.

We achieved an 84.6% pass rate in the 2020 entrance examination. This is an increase of 5% from last year.

Of the 88 students who attended the Advanced Certification Exam, the school managed 46 bachelor’s degrees. This is the best in history.

“We are absolutely overjoyed,” said Madeleine Schoeman, principal of Ntsika.

She said everyone made a tireless effort to help the students.

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Schoeman reveals the secret to her school’s success. It is a mentorship program run by Rhodes University. This is led by Deputy Prime Minister Shizuwe Mavisera and the devoted teachers of Ntsika.

“Our staff worked throughout the blockade. Our matrix had a WhatsApp page and received a lot of material from the Ministry of Education. This was handed over during the blockade.”

Graeme College for Boys, west of Makanda, managed to get a 97% pass rate.

The top four achievements in the school scored an average of over 80%, with 19 distinctions among them.

At the top of the class was Makanda’s Nikane September, which won six distinctions despite the turbulent years.

In September, 18 years old, he studies mechanical engineering at Stellenbosch University.

His advice to the current class: “Practice regularly and don’t take the information as a matter of course. Build a relationship of trust with your teacher so that the teacher will give you in more difficult times. Will help. “

He explained how he achieved his feat. “I was able to study hard until the concept became publicly known and teach my classmates when I needed help. When I didn’t understand something, the teacher helped me a lot.”

Also in the top four was 18-year-old Manusizwe Jordan, who made five distinctions. He is also from Makanda.

He majors in computer science at Rose University and plans to earn a bachelor of science degree.

Jordan said the lack of time to meet teachers puts more pressure on himself and others.

Somila Ntsunguzi, 18, from Makhanda, achieves four distinctions and heads to Cape Town to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering at UCT.

He has partnered with Tinashe Gomo, 19, from Johannesburg. He also had four distinctions.

Matric 2020: Grandfather’s Death by Covid-19 Encourages Dale University Students to Achieve Best Results

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