“Mbabane keeps Messi on his fingers!”

A former teammate of Lionel Messi said the Argentine had been forced to adjust his game to Killian Mbabane, who he believes is “Paris Saint-Germain’s best player”.

Fireworks were expected when the 2021 Copa America winner joined the French giants as a free agent in August last year, but the general consensus seems to be that Messi has so far failed to impress in Paris.

Although he is the second leading assistant in Ligue 1 this season, the number of 8 goals scored by the 34-year-old does not leave much to be desired in all competitions.

Ludovic Julie, a former colleague of the seven-time Golden Ball winner Barcelona, ​​feels that Messi has been forced to change his approach due to the emergence of Mbabane.

“He (Messi) changed the game because he no longer has the physical skills he had 10 years ago,” he said. Parisfans.fr.

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He adapted to Killian, who walks 2,000 miles per hour and is PSG’s best player.

“His intellect is to say to himself, ‘I may not score 30 goals, but if I do 15 or 20 assists, that’s good too.’

“Even though I know he wants to be more decisive.”

The Frenchman also said that Messi has been unhappy at times this season.

“Leo was playing on his inverted side (left to right) as a striker, as number 10, it depends on him to find the right position with the coach (Mauricio Pochettino),” he added.

“He did not lose his footballing skills overnight. He has not been lucky this season either. Killian is doing his job. Messi has already been checked out in Barcelona, ​​but he is probably more here.

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“Mbabane keeps Messi on his fingers!”

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