Mercedes-Benz AG announces strong financial results for 2021

The Mercedes-Benz Group (formerly Daimler AG Truck Division spin-off) has recorded a net profit for 2021 (excluding the deconsolidation result) of € 14.2 billion (2020: € 4.0 billion). Earnings per share, excluding the deconsolidation result, increased by 280% to € 12.89 (2020: € 3.39).

It was a powerful set of results that helped reduce fixed costs and a combination of convenient models. Since 2019, Mercedes-Benz Cars fixed costs have been reduced by 16%, while unit revenue has improved by 26%, averaging € 49,800.

The revenue of the Mercedes-Benz Group has reached 168 billion euros (2020: 154.3 billion euros). The share of continuing operations was € 133.9 billion (2020: € 121.8 billion). The Group’s EBIT was € 29.1 billion (2020: € 6.6 billion), of which the share from continuing operations was € 16.0 billion (2020: € 6.1 billion). The adjusted EBIT, which reflects core business, was € 19.2 billion (2020: € 8.6 billion). The Group’s net profit was € 23.4 billion (2020: € 4.0 billion). The share of continuing operations was € 11.1 billion (2020: € 4.0 billion).

Ola Callenius, CEO, said: “2021 was a year of strategic progress for Mercedes-Benz. Three figures show how attractive this transformation is: high-end automobile sales increased by 30%, electric vehicle sales increased by 64%, and our adjusted EBIT increased by 105%. This is a strong demonstration of the potential of this brand and this team. I want to thank all our colleagues who made this wonderful result possible. “

He added: “With a clear agenda this year, we are confident about 2022. In addition to a relentless focus on cost-effectiveness and supply chain management, our strategic priorities are: scaling up electric cars, speeding up our car software plans, and growing our costly business. . ”

The volume of the unit decreased in 2021. Sales at Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans fell 5% to 2,330,169 vehicles (2020: 2,461,884). Sales of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars fell to 2,054,962 (2020: 2,164,187), mainly due to global restrictions on the supply of semiconductors. However, the high-end cars, which include the Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-AMG, G-Class, S-Class, GLS and EQS, set a new sales record in 2021 – highlighting the Mercedes final Effect.

Mercedes-Maybach sales in China have grown to more than 1,000 vehicles a month since June last year, except last October when supply was limited.

Mercedes-Benz AG announces strong financial results for 2021

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