Meta Launches Latest AI Chatbot on Web

Meta’s artificial intelligence research institute develops a new state-of-the-art chatbot. Allow members of the public to talk to the system To collect feedback on features. Verge reports: The bot is called BlenderBot 3. Can be accessed from the web. (But it seems only US residents can do that right now.) The BlenderBot 3 can not only engage in common chatter, but can also answer questions from its digital assistant “starting with talking about being healthy,” says Meta. Food recipes that find kid-friendly amenities in the city.” The bot is a prototype and previous work OpenAI’s GPT-3 is the most widely known example, with powerful but flawed text generation software known as the Large Language Model or LLMS.

Like all LLMs, BlenderBot is initially trained on massive text data sets and mines statistical patterns to generate language. These systems have proven to be very flexible and have served a variety of purposes, from generating code for programmers to helping authors write their next bestseller. However, these models also have serious flaws. In other words, it counteracts the bias in the training data and often produces answers to the users’ questions (a big deal to be useful as a digital assistant). This latter issue is something that Meta specifically wants to test with BlenderBot. A great feature of chatbots is that they can search the internet to talk about specific topics. More importantly, users can click on a response to see where they got the information. This means BlenderBot 3 can cite sources.

By making their chatbots open to the general public, Meta hopes to gather feedback on the various issues facing large language models. Users chatting with BlenderBot may flag questionable responses from the system, and Meta says it has worked hard to minimize ‘bot usage’ of vulgar language, slander and culturally insensitive comments.” the data collected, and if so. ; We can improve the brother AI,” he said. Further reading: Microsoft’s ‘teenage girl’ AI experiment becomes ‘neonazi sex robot’

Meta Launches Latest AI Chatbot on Web

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