Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2022 announced

Dave knott written: Microsoft announced Visual Studio 2022, the next major overhaul of their flagship development IDE. A public beta will arrive this summer. The most significant change, which has long been rumored, is that the entire suite of apps will now be 64 bits. Other major changes include:

* Performance improvements in the main debugger
* Support for .NET 6, which can be used to build web, client, and mobile applications by Windows and Mac developers, as well as improved support for Azure application development
* An updated user interface intended to reduce complexity and which will add integration with Accessibility Insights. Microsoft plans to update icons and add support for Cascadia Code, a new fixed-width font for better readability
* Support for C ++ 20 tools. Language standardization and Intellisense
* Integration of text chat into the Live Share collaboration feature
* Added support for Git and GitHub
* Improved code search

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2022 announced

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