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Villagers affected by the establishment of the Nkuwe Platinum Mine on the outskirts of Burger Sfort in Limpopo are worried about the mining dispute between the Modiqua Platinum Mine and the Nkuwe Platinum Mine. The villages affected by the conflict are Maandagshoek, Ga-Ratau and Leolo.

The Nkwe Platinum mine has begun fencing and storage of mining equipment in the village of Maandagshoek.

The land claimant at Maandagshoek states that Nkwe does not have land mining rights.

Mulberry Platinum Mine It says it has land mining rights and brings the matter to court.

A month ago, the state government officially launched a mining project in the village of Ga-Ratau, where Nkwe Platinum was introduced to the community. 6000 people from 3 villages were set up to get work opportunities.

The community has expressed concern about the new mine in Limpopo.

The new mining business uses Maandagshoek farms to store equipment.

Maandagshoek’s land is billed through the government’s land return process. The land claimant states that Nkwe was not consulted on the use of the land.

Walter Modiva, one of the land claimants, states that the mine owner should consult with the legitimate owner of the land because the chief is not the land owner.

“I support Modikwa because Nkwe didn’t talk to us when they came to our land as landowners. If they want to stay on our farm, they The landowner must come to talk to us. They are said to be busy talking to the chief. For us, they did not come to us. To talk to the chief. Does not mean that the chief is the landowner, he is not the landowner, but the chief of the people. “

Modikwa Platinum Mine claims mining rights

Modikwa Platinum Mine, owned by mining king Patrice Motsepe, also states that he has mining rights on the Maandagshoek land used by Nkwe Platinum.

Modikwa Platinum didn’t want the case to be recorded, but they confirmed that they had brought the case to court.

Nkwe Platinum has also been criticized by residents of the village of Leolo, claiming that the company has split the local Nkosi royal family.

Jacob Nkosi, a member of the royal family, says the company has signed contracts with several members of the royal family.

“We are complaining about the upcoming operation by Nkwe Platinum here in GaSekhukhune, we are in the affected area of ​​the mine. We want them to come to the table and verbally Not wanting some agreement in black and white. Now that they are bribeing our chiefs, they hold some celebrations without a resolution from the community and we give them We want you to comply with all the provisions of the Mining Charter and the Social Labor Plan, so we are fed up with the bribes given to Mahoshi in Gasekhune. “

Employment opportunities

Residents of Leolo say they want to work on their land because mining companies offer employment opportunities, but they want to resolve all disputes before further operations begin.

“They are running a mine problem, but the community hasn’t fully explained it. I want a mine that creates jobs. They train us to have some skills. We welcome the mine because we are poor and not working, and it helps us. What we want is that they are clear and all the details about the mine. It’s about telling us how the mine can help and where to put it exactly, “says one resident.

The proceeding between Modikwa Platinum and Nkwe Platinum will be heard in the Polokwane High Court on June 29.

Mining Business Splits Limpopo Community and Mining Company-SABC News

Source link Mining Business Splits Limpopo Community and Mining Company-SABC News

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