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Mixed reaction after former High Commissioner Bryanston discovered that he was not guilty of sexual assault


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  • Former Bryanston High School coach was relieved after a court ruling on Tuesday.
  • The court found him acquitted on all charges of sexual assault.
  • The plaintiff’s mother states that the court’s decision is heartbreaking.

Aleshan Moodley, the plaintiff’s mother in a sexual assault case against former Bryanston High Commissioner, said the court’s decision to acquit him was heartbreaking.

“When you hear the forged information spoken about you and your daughter, the words probably can’t explain the devastation.

“This morning’s announcement and decision was heartbreaking. As a mother of a violating child, there’s no reason to lie about something that would take 28 months to be closed,” she told News24 Tuesday afternoon. ..

This was after the Magistrates’ Court of Alexandra found Moodley, 33, acquitted of all charges of sexual assault.

The mother said: “This is a journey in which we receive little support from the country and we feel that the judicial system has failed for us as a whole.

“But we are grateful for the support of some individuals and WMACA (women and men for child abuse) along the way,” she added.

The court ruled that the petitioner’s evidence had too many question marks. Therefore, “there was no evidence that a rational person could be convicted.”

As a result, the accused was acquitted and dismissed on all charges.

Former Bryanston High Coach Legal Team responds to the ruling.

Former Bryanston High coaches are said to have been relieved after the ruling.

“He was very relieved, declared innocent from the beginning and was convinced he would be innocent. I am very pleased that justice was offered today,” said lawyer Ulrich Lu on Tuesday afternoon. It was.

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Now that the criminal case has been finalized, Moodley’s legal team says there are many options to investigate regarding further legal action.

Lou said their client’s reputation has been damaged and they are still waiting for instructions.

Lou said Moodley hadn’t worked since he was fired from Bryanston High School. “He was looking for highs and lows for employment,” but couldn’t secure anything due to the proceedings in dispute.

WMACA, who attended Tuesday’s decision and closely monitored the case, believes that the acquittal did not lead to Moodley’s innocence beyond reasonable doubt.

It simply means that the state failed to fulfill its burden of proof, which is a criminal in the case of a single victim, which is one’s words to another, as is usually the case with the issue of sexual assault. It is a flaw inherent in the judicial system.

“People are not guilty until they are found guilty,” the organization said in a statement Tuesday.

The organization stated that the first three disclosures were made in the context of Bryanston.

“We cannot overlook the fact that he was found guilty of SGB disciplinary action and was subsequently dismissed.

“Two victims testified in the case. The third was sadly one witness in a criminal case as a result of the split, which became very complicated to prove beyond reasonable doubt. The acquittal does not mean anyone, but it cannot be proved guilty beyond reasonable doubt. “

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The coach was accused of sexual assault by three students at the school. Following this, a 17-year-old mother and her mother filed a criminal proceeding.

Moodley was subsequently dismissed from school after the Disciplinary Commission found him guilty of sexual harassment and financial mismanagement.

The accused was acquitted of 12 charges of rape, sexual assault, and general assault.

Mixed reaction after former High Commissioner Bryanston discovered that he was not guilty of sexual assault

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