Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo joins ‘Rockville’ and Mzansi reacts

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When Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo appeared on the Mzansi Magic show, viewers of the hit drama series “Rockville” were shocked.

The local personality appeared in this week’s episode when it was introduced to viewers as Trevor Gambi’s on-screen boyfriend Zamani.

Trevor, who plays Sipho, notices that Vicky, played by Gail Mabalane, is having an affair and appears to be sandwiched between rocks and difficult places as he plans to make life difficult. ..

In his first scene, Mohale appeared at work after not sleeping at home and shocked his on-screen boyfriend.

In the scene, Mohale joins Trevor, Gale and his real friend, Wiseman Jita, who plays Adonis, and a man whose boyfriend is fooling him.

Looking at Instagram, Mohale, who is married to media personality Somiji Murongo Motown, uploaded a clip of his scene.

“Meet Zamani. I made a young appearance on # RockVille5 last Sunday, and the plot definitely got thicker!

“Adonis is definitely not happy with me and Sifo is definitely not! Ah, Ummjoro!” Said in the caption.

He also thanked the producers of “Rockville”, Connie and Shona Ferguson. “I really enjoyed working in the best @ gail_mabalane @ trevorgumbi @ wisemanzither @ tarinapatel. Thank you, @ connie_ferguson @ferguson_films @sediimatsunyane,” he wrote.

See Mohale’s post below.

Following his appearance, the viewer had to say a lot. See the reaction below.

In September last year, Mohale responded to the criticisms he received after it was announced that he would appear as a guest in “Rhythm City.”

Twitter users wondered why Mohale gets more acting jobs than more qualified performing arts graduates.

Discussions continued, with many defending his new gig, while others blamed it.

“As for the’Rhythm City’gig, it’s said that you don’t do anything just because you’re married to a celebrity.

“I can’t blame myself for marrying Somiji, which means I shouldn’t pursue opportunities just because people say Somiji got them for me. No, “Mohale said.

He said the people commenting on social media knew nothing about how he got the gig.

He also said he was auditioned for the role and wasn’t alone in the audition, as many have said.

“My agent sent me an email saying that I and six others were selected for the audition. I recorded and sent a self-tape,” he said.

Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo joins ‘Rockville’ and Mzansi reacts Source link Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo joins ‘Rockville’ and Mzansi reacts

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