Moonchild says black security guards have a ‘dompas mentality’

Along Liam Carabo Joyce 24 minutes ago

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Musician Moonchild Sanery has some tough words to share on social media this week.

The stars are aimed at black guards, they have a “donpa spirit” and reportedly do not respect blacks.

The star ranted on Twitter about alleged treatment of other blacks by black guards.

“Black guards have the spirit of Donpa!

“If you respect yourself and don’t look at yourself, you can’t respect us.

“Honey, aim for higher and be happier while busy!

“You can own a security company, but you can only see it today!” Said Moonchild.

Her tweet wasn’t well accepted by her fans who called reality stars for her comments.

Moonchild didn’t have it, but didn’t accept the lying backlash.

One tweet argued that her comments were based on one personal experience and that it was unreasonable for Moonchild to attack all black guards.

Musicians said they experienced classism in these interactions and did not tolerate it.

“You are the one who yells at you because you are black behind a slow white who is actually delaying the line.

“Then let the whites behind you take a walk again and don’t scream embarrassingly! Please! I hate classism! Period!” Said Moonchild.

The tweet claimed that systematic repression was at work and had nothing to do with individual behavior.

Moonchild counterattacked discrimination based on skin color and educated Tweepe.

“Any word that disrespects your color and proudly bows to whites!

“Understand andizi kwikaka because I’m very kind to the free machine Ganierani,” she tweeted.

Moonchild says black security guards have a ‘dompas mentality’ Source link Moonchild says black security guards have a ‘dompas mentality’

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