More left-handed, Magara entry? Boucher wants answers to improve protea

South African batter David Miller

  • Protea is licking the wounds with Mark Boucher, who is looking for ways to improve the team after another series defeat to Pakistan.
  • Boucher suggested adding another left-handed batter to fill the top-level blank left by Quinton de Kock and David Miller.
  • If Sisanda Magara is suitable for starting on Saturday’s first T20, it can solve the death bowling concern.

Protea head coach confused about how to stop the loss of a series of series his team suffered Mark Boucher After losing to Pakistan in the ODI series, he is desperately looking for ways to improve his team.

South Africa lost 28 runs to Centurion’s third ODI decisionmaker, and the Protea side, who lost five IPL stars and top flagship Lacy van der Dussen, succumbed to another series defeat to Pakistan.

Protea lost both the test series and the T20 series in Pakistan in January, seeking better results at home ground.

But that wasn’t the case, as Fakhar Zaman and Babar Azam influenced the Pakistani team that broke the host.

Boucher said after the match Wednesday, Protea needed to seek to include more left-handed batters in its lineup.

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The problem with Boucher is that it’s hard to find a ready-made, internationally caliber left-handed person if David Miller and Quinton de Kock aren’t available.

In addition to the winged players such as Reeza Hendricks and Pite van Biljon, the players who filled the missing IPL stars Jannemann Maran and Kyle Berain are all right-handed bats.

“One of the things I can say is that I made a lot of mistakes. What has been very effective in the last three games is that there have always been short boundaries,” Boucher said.

“And, as we saw in the bowler on Wednesday, the combination of left and right hands puts pressure on the bowler.

“The lack of left-handedness in the top six is ​​something we really need to pay attention to. We don’t necessarily want to play because we have one short end, but it’s happening quite a bit in South Africa at this point. Seems, and that’s what we need to think about in the future.

“We need to find two left-handed people in the top six.”

Boucher was also plagued by defenses when bowling until Protea died. This hindered them in the first ODI defeat, and even in the second ODI victory, despite maintaining the victory, it didn’t work.

South Africa’s premier domestic death bowler, Sisanda Magara, is also bubbling awaiting her first chance to wear a national jersey.

However, he’s struggling to clear Protea’s fitness bar, which could get in the way of his feature in the T20 series against Pakistan starting this Saturday.

“I think I scored more than 40 runs in the last two overs,” Boucher said.

“If we can reduce it to 25, we will have more chances to win tight games.

“I want Magara to play [but] There are fitness standards that you must follow within your setup. And there is no gray area around it.

“We are waiting for a fitness test. If he passes, he will play.”

More left-handed, Magara entry? Boucher wants answers to improve protea

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