Morocco and China sign Belt and Road Joint Implementation Plan

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The video conference on January 5, 2022 was signed by Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Morocco representative Nasser Bourita and Ning Jizhe, Vice-Chair of the China National Reform and Development Commission (NCRD). , Convention on Implementation Plans for Joint Construction of Belt and Road Initiative between Morocco and China.

Nasser Bourita welcomed the depth of friendship between Morocco and China at this video conference-sponsored visit to the royal family in May 2016, in line with the vision of His Majesty Mohamed VI and President Xi Jinping. The two countries have entered a new era of diplomatic relations dating back to 1958.

His Majesty’s historic visit to Beijing was a crucial step in signing a joint declaration on the establishment of a strategic partnership between Morocco and China. To date, this document is one of the few legal documents personally signed by His Majesty the King and proves to be of great importance to Morocco. It provided unprecedented impetus for the friendship between Morocco and China with concrete results, Brita added.

The Minister also emphasized the fact that Morocco was the first country in Maghreb and the first country in Africa to adhere to the Belt and Road Initiative, thereby raising the strategic partnership between Morocco and China to a new higher level. did.

Borita said the treaty is the establishment of large-scale projects in Morocco, industry, energy, research and development, technical and technical cooperation, and vocational training.

As part of the pandemic’s visionary royal management, the Minister recalled Morocco’s high praise for the Chinese authorities’ response to Chinese authorities’ support by meeting Morocco’s needs for medical devices and vaccines.

“Based on this steady success, we will establish an industrial unit for filling and finishing manufacturing of anti-covid-19 vaccines in Morocco, benefiting from a pioneering partnership with China’s state-owned company Sinopharm. This has taken a step further, “added the minister.

Brita also emphasized that the Morocco-China partnership draws its strengths from its openness to Africa. Morocco treats Africa as an equal partner and repeats what it is, a reservoir for young people in the world with a population of nearly 2.5 billion in 2050 and more than a quarter of the UN member states. I’m calling.

He concludes that Morocco believes that Belt and Road will open up new perspectives in terms of trade and investment and provide additional opportunities to align with the Kingdom’s new development model.

Ning Jizhe said that the Belt and Road Initiative, which carries the spirit of peace and cooperation, openness and inclusion, and mutual learning, will bring new impetus for deeper cooperation and enter a new era in Morocco-China relations. confirmed.

He said political talks became smoother when His Majesty Mohamed VI and President Xi Jinping raised bilateral diplomatic relations to the level of strategic partnerships in May 2016.

Bilateral trade in 2020 reached US $ 4.76 billion, up 2% from last year. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the international trade crisis, cooperation between Morocco and China has improved in terms of quality and efficiency, NCRD’s Vice-Chairman said.

Chinese officials recalled that Morocco has three Confucius Institutes in the region and is the only country participating in the development of multiple private delegations of friendship between China and Morocco.

Mentioning the obsession with the bilateral strategic partnership between His Majesty Mohamed VI and President Xi Jinping, Mr. Nin showed that Morocco is an influential cooperating partner within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The Belt and Road Initiative, launched by the President of China in 2013 under the name “Belt and Road,” is the number of maritime connections and railroads between China and its member states. Its ambition is to promote new opportunities for cooperation between China and the 140 countries that participated in it.

The Belt and Road Initiative strengthens infrastructure cooperation with China based on dialogue, partnerships, commerce and human exchanges, making Morocco a privileged destination for China’s investment in Africa, and more than 80 major nationwide. I am doing a project.

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Morocco and China sign Belt and Road Joint Implementation Plan

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