Morrissey blames “The Simpsons” in a flattering parody

In the episode, precocious and intelligent Lisa Simpson makes new fictional friends. A depressed but charismatic indie rocker in Britain in the 1980s, very similar to Morrissey.

Singer Morrissey will perform in 2013 at Hollywood High School in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images / AFP

Los Angeles-Morrissey accused The simpsons The “hate” and “ignorance” features after the show’s latest episode featured a fascinating parody of a moody British singer, partly inspired by a former Smith frontman.

In the first episode aired on Sunday in the United States, precocious intellect Lisa Simpson makes new fictional friends. A depressed but charismatic indie rocker in Britain in the 1980s, very similar to Morrissey.

Named Quilloughby, the character spoken by Hollywood star Benedict Cumberbatch is a devoted vegan like Morrissey and Lisa, who inspires her with his music and acidic social commentary.

But when Lisa attended the concert of the current Kirobi band The Snuffs, she was shocked and disappointed that she wasn’t an imaginary dashing singer, but an overweight, moody, and anti-immigrant carnivorous singer. did.

Morrissey wasn’t very impressed with the portrayal.

“The hatred shown to me by the creator of The simpsons Obviously a provocative proceeding, but it requires more money than I can raise to challenge, “Rocker wrote in a long post on Tuesday. Morrissey Central website..

“Write for” The simpsons… obviously only needs complete ignorance. “

Morrissey, 61, gained fame as the whimsical frontman of The Smiths, one of the most acclaimed and influential bands of the 1980s. He has had a solo career since the band split in 1987, but has been plagued by controversy.

Morrissey became marginalized when faced with racist accusations over his rhetoric about immigration and Britain’s support for the far right. He forcibly denied that he was a racist.

The title of the Simpsons episode, Panic on the streets of Springfield, A play of the lyrics of Smith’s song panic Use the name of a fictitious city in the show.

It also included a parody song with the following spoofing Smith title: Hamburgers are murders.

In an interview with Variety, episode writer Tim Long claimed that Kirobib was a mix of the various British artists he grew up in.

“And I’m sticking to it!” Said for a long time.

“That said, the character is definitely Morrissey, with Robert Smith from Cure, Ian Curtis from Joy Division, and many others.”

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Morrissey blames “The Simpsons” in a flattering parody

Source link Morrissey blames “The Simpsons” in a flattering parody

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