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Mother disagrees with Nedbank over ‘unpaid’ insurance claim after her house was burnt to the ground

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Johannesburg – A Vosloorus mother, Ekurhuleni, is at odds with the Nedbank banking group over unpaid insurance claims after her property was reduced to ashes.

Mmaphuti Jacobeth Legodi, 55, who had been living in his Vosloorus Extension 13 home since 2007, faced an unbearable situation last year in March when his house burned down.

According to the mother of five, her main switch went off, causing the fire. She and her five children – aged 18, 16, 15, 13 and 11 – were inside the house when the incident occurred. They escaped unharmed but suffered lingering trauma after watching their home go up in smoke.

Legodi, who lost everything in the fire, told The Star that she and her children had lived in her back room for eight months with no way to rebuild her house because the amount received was too low.

“I had an evening shift, when I left the house it was around 6 pm and we were at a shed. According to my eldest, the electricity came back on around 8:30 p.m. for a few minutes before being cut off again. He apparently came back at 10:30 pm around 11 pm, while my children were sleeping, ”she said.

Legodi said that according to his eldest child there was an explosion and he rallied the other children outside where they called for help from the neighbors, who called the fire department.

“When I got a call from the neighbors to let me know, I was so scared, but I was comforted that no one was hurt and help was on the way.”

Insurance was helpful at first, providing the Legodi family with three months’ accommodation to inspect the house.

“Things looked promising until they had to pay the payment. That’s when they started giving me the chance, ”said Legodi.

She said she withdrew her bond while she was still married. She was asked to come with her husband, against whom she had a restraining order at the time.

When she tried to explain that they had divorced and he had confiscated the house, Nedbank was still adamant that she had to come with him to sign.

“I was heartbroken after the trauma of my house on fire and no longer having a home, I now had to contact a man who had also put me in hell for help and still not receive payment from. Nedbank. “

According to Legodi, even after asking her ex-husband to sign the insurance payment, what she received was less than what Nedbank had promised.

“Nedbank said I would receive 350,000 Rand and I only received 85,000 Rand last weekend. When I asked about the other money, I was told that the money had gone into my bond account. I told them that I would like this money to rebuild my house because I cannot pay a deposit for a house that I do not have.

Nedbank media spokeswoman Mbali Khumalo said a sum of Rand 351,000 had been paid, which went into Legodi’s bond account, and that she was only receiving a small portion of the money. money.

“The client received R351,122.94 and this was paid to the client’s bond account number because her deposit was overdue, and according to an email we used it to reimburse the deposit and the balance to her. was then transferred home loans (according to agreement reached and e-mail received from the client). The customer was 70% underinsured and we settled the claim on the basis of the average mentioned above. “

Said Legodi: “I lost everything and I’m not happy.

“I need Nedbank to give me the money so that I can rebuild a house for my children who have suffered so much.

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Mother disagrees with Nedbank over ‘unpaid’ insurance claim after her house was burnt to the ground

SourceMother disagrees with Nedbank over ‘unpaid’ insurance claim after her house was burnt to the ground

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